YuMe Offers Audience Targeting, Sequential Ads Across Devices

Getting the right ad in front of the right viewer is only the beginning. Today, online video advertising company YuMe unveiled its latest offering, the People-Based Marketing Suite, and it’s an attractive proposition for online marketers. The suite lets buyers use audience targeting to get their video ads in front of their desired buyers on a range of devices. It also lets them create sequential messages that display in the proper order across devices, so buyers can take viewers from awareness to the value proposition of specific features no matter where they’re watching.

audience targetingBecause super-saturation is not a good ad experience, the suite includes universal frequency capping, so buyers can be sure their target audience will only see ads a set number of times no matter what devices they use. Finally, the suite offers cross-screen attribution and reporting, so buyers can see standardized metrics for views on every device.

“Brand marketers recognize that now more than ever, consumers’ relationships with the media they consume is uniquely their own,” says Michael Hudes, chief revenue officer at YuMe. “Personalized one-to-one marketing is expanding from its digital display roots into video, and from the confines of desktop and mobile to all screens, including CTV. YuMe’s innovative approach to people-based marketing reflects advertising trends in broadening consumer choices and building better connections. Our solutions help our brands develop and nurture relationships across all devices through thoughtful engagement and retargeting.”

To make this cross-device audience targeting a reality, YuMe is partnering with Drawbridge and using its Connected Consumer Graph. This lets the suite reach the same viewers no matter if they’re on computers, mobile devices, or connected TV sets. The graph counts 1.3 billion consumers using 3.3 billion devices. That’s 75 percent of the active devices used worldwide on the internet, YuMe says.

The People-Based Marketing Suite is available now as part of YuMe’s programmatic and managed-service media buying options.

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