YouTube Views for Brands Have Doubled In the Last Year: Are You Onboard?

It’s hard to believe that the pinnacle of video streaming, YouTube, recently turned ten years old.

YouTube is the second largest search engine to no other than Google. It has more than one billion users that watch hundreds of millions of hours per day. This extraordinary revolution has provided tremendous opportunity; brands are experiencing growth, engagement and views that in turn offer opportunities to generate leads from this active audience online.

A recent blog post titled “Top 100 Brands Report: Insight into Brand Content on YouTube” highlighted plenty of insights into this explosive growth, and which brands are making a big splash:

Image via AdWords Agency Blog

So, what sort of viewership metrics are generated by brands on YouTube? According to the post, the growth is nothing short of spectacular. The number of views of branded content from the top 100 brands nearly doubled in just the last 12 months.

In addition, consumers watching this footage created for more than 40 billion views in total. This means that the content brands are showcasing is taking a more social media friendly approach and offering something of value to these targeted masses. And if that wasn’t enough to prove it’s value, four of the top 10 trending YouTube videos in 2014 were created in fact by company brands.

In order to succeed on YouTube, brands need to be gathering the necessary audience data and formulating tangible strategies that will enhance their visibility and reputation simultaneously. Social listening is key to really connecting with these audiences.

Earlier this year, the social media analytics and digital company, Socialbakers, released a report highlighting the competition that YouTube is facing from Facebook, thanks to their focus on native video. As shown in their report, it’s expected for brands to increasingly start uploading more and more video content directly on the largest social media network.

Image via socialbakers

Regardless of whether other social media networks are leveraging video for brands, YouTube is an indispensable tool to really connect and make this social media site as part of their core business goals.

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Utilize YouTube Video Bloggers (Vloggers) to Endorse Brands and Influence Marketing Efforts

An infographic by the community platform for data visualization and infographics,, asserted the following benefits of YouTube:

  • YouTube has 1 billion monthly unique visitors aged 18 to 29 years
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute
  • Millions of subscription happen each day
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched every moth

These numbers are astronomical and it comes as no surprise as to why why audiences are flocking to the platform to watch footage from vloggers and brands alike. Brands could benefit from ordinary vloggers to offer endorsements and play an influential marketing role.

The reason vloggers are so influential is because they offer a unique perspective, testimony and voice. Audiences can relate to vloggers because they are not trying to sell something all the time, yet they may represent a brand. But that does not mean they are to be excluded as viable and reliable sources of information.  

An few examples of some prolific vloggers include Zoe Sugg, also known as Zoella, Lilly « Superwoman » Sigh and Caspar Lee. Zoella is from the United Kingdom (UK), Sigh is from Canada and Lee is from South Africa. What do they all have a common? They have a passion for what they do and they have legions of followers on other social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Aside from brands creating meaningful content they could really tap into the potential of vloggers since they are ambassadors of their own brands and would be formidable in representing what they do.  

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Tips for Working with Vloggers 

Wondering how to approach working with a vlogger? Before we get to the tips, be aware that you may have to shell out a pretty penny to work with this influential bunch, so it’s important that you select the partnership that makes the most sense. 

  • Pick a vlogger that has the same audience as your brand
  • Set a clear brief to make sure everyone gets what they want
  • Make sure social media posts are part of the deal
  • Think about paying for further promotion on social media to maximize results

These YouTube vloggers hold influence and the keys to helping themselves including brands get the best of both worlds.

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Conclusions and Takeaways

It may not be clear where, how and what to market using YouTube. 

Don’t dwell on what you may or may not be good at. The bottom line is make sure your mission is clear and what you have to offer is worth anybody’s time.

Brands finally understand that they have to create content outside of a sales pitch, and social media has been a big part of this equation. They have learned to listen and executed to perfection for how to present their service and as a result audiences are seeking them.

A recent post revealed that « YouTube says video views for the top 100 brands have nearly doubled during the last year, with monthly views of branded content up 55 percent since 2014 » and that « brand channel subscriptions are also up, climbing 47 percent year over year since 2014. The top 100 brand channels have won a total of 73 million subscribers. »

These numbers are a clear indication that now is the time for brands to be on YouTube. Video strategy and creation may be a challenge, but the masses are waiting (and excited) to watch your content, as long as it’s right for them.

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