YouTube Says It’s Still The One For Super Bowl Ads


YouTube wants to make it ideally clear; it’s still a place to go to watch re-runs of Super Bowl commercials.

Facebook has elbowed into a marketplace — with one news pegging a amicable network’s share of Super Bowl ad views during 25% — though YouTube reported in a blog post today that people are tuning in on YouTube some-more than ever.

We found that viewership is flourishing faster than before – people have watched some-more vast diversion ads and teasers in a initial 6 weeks of 2015 than all 52 weeks of 2014. More than 7M hours of vast diversion ads and teasers have been watched on YouTube, adult from 6.3M hours for all of 2014.

YouTube prefers to stress a hours-viewed metric, a not so pointed sign that Facebook depends a user’s three-second postponement over an autoplaying video as a view, though YouTube’s post-game views are also display certain gains. As of Wednesday, Super Bowl ads and teasers had 415 million views given Jan. 1, adult 53% over this time final year.

The ad display a many post-game transformation is a Clash of Clan’s Liam Neeson spot. The blurb has racked adult some-more than 25 million views given Monday and pushed past a Budweiser “Lost Dog” ad to take a tip mark in a YouTube tip 10.

The heartwarming Bud ad had a conduct start; it was posted on YouTube 5 days before a game. The humorous Clash of Clan’s bit — gruff-talking Neeson: “I don’t know you, BigBuffetBoy85. But if we consider we can disparage me and take my gold, consider again.” — was posted during about 9 p.m. Eastern on Super Bowl Sunday. According to video selling organisation Pixability, a Neeson ad was noticed 566,272 times by midnight Sunday and in a subsequent 3 days it got some-more than 25 million views. By Friday afternoon it had some-more than 31 million views, while a Bud ad had 25.8 million. (Interesting to note: as of Friday afternoon, a Clash ad had some-more than 8 million views on Facebook, 25% of a sum of YouTube and Facebook views on a ad).


Advance Posting Is Still A Key To Success

Pixability CTO Andreas Goeldi remarkable that 7 of a tip 10 many noticed videos were published before a day of a diversion and another — Nissan’s “With Dad” ad — used teasers featuring several renouned YouTube creators. Fiat’s Blue Pin spot, now with 10 million views, also posted a night of a game. “Publishing early was clearly a best approach to attract a vast online audience,” Goeldi wrote in an email, “though in this box artistic strategies from Clash of Clans and Fiat valid successful too.”

Here’s a YouTube tip 10 as of this morning:

  1. Clash of Clans: Revenge
  2. Budweiser: Lost Dog
  3. Bud Light: Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever
  4. T-Mobile: #KimsDataStash
  5. BMW: BMW i3 – Newfangled Idea
  6. Nissan:  With Dad
  7. Snickers: The Brady Bunch
  8. Mercedes-Benz: Fable
  9. Fiat:  The FIAT Blue Pill | #500X
  10. McDonald’s: Super Bowl XLIX Pay With Lovin’

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