YouTube is shooting video ads for companies to run on its site

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YouTube is gunning to get more small business advertisers and
it’s enlisting professional filmakers to make it happen.

In six US cities, YouTube is sending professional videographers
to help small business owners write, shoot, and produce video
advertisements for free as long as they commit to spending $150
on the site.

For reference, the average cost of a small business marketing
video in San Francisco is about $500, according
to SmartShoot.

Filmmakers will spend one to two hours working with business
owners to write a script that fits in one of YouTube’s templates
and two to three hours shooting and editing the video. Then,
YouTube will deploy an ads specialist.

The Director Onsite service is available in San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, and Atlanta.

YouTube also just rolled out a new app called
YouTube Director
that makes it easy for small business owners
to make their own video ads.

Small businesses
represent an important
advertising opportunity for companies like YouTube, Facebook, and
Snapchat. YouTube has coaxed many big advertisers into
spreading some of their TV ad budgets
to the web, but small
businesses are more of an untapped opportunity and the surge of
digital video has both YouTube and Facebook scrambling to find
ways to make video ads and other immersive formats easy to

Digital advertising is expected to hit $77.4 billion next
year, passing TV for the first time,
according to eMarketer.

Here’s an ad made with Director Onsite:

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