YouTube Introduces Power Tools for Small Biz Video Marketing

YouTube advertising isn’t just for Dove Bars, Evian water, and other national brands. YouTube is reaching out to local mom-and-pop business with free tools and services that are hard to beat.

YouTubeDirectorThe video giant has released a set of tools for advertisers called YouTube Director. Chief among them is YouTube Director for Business, a free mobile app that lets anyone create their own online video ad. You don’t need experience; heck, you don’t even need a camera. Use the app to select a template and then fill in the necessary shots by shooting on your phone. The step-by-step instructions even offer coaching on what to say in each shot. Editing controls are simple, and completed ads can be promoted on YouTube. So far there’s only an iPhone version of the app, but an Android version is coming soon.

If that sounds too difficult and you’d rather work with a video professional, no problem: YouTube will send one to you! If you agree to spend at least $150 on YouTube advertising, the company will send a professional filmmaker to your door to shoot an ad. Called Director Onsite, this program is so far only available in Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, but will eventually expand into new locations. The scriptwriting process takes an hour or two, and the video shoot takes two to three hours. At the end of the day you’ll have a finished ad. Nice.

The Director site includes several videos showing how other local businesses created their own ads, as well as information on customer targeting that will help owners reach their target customers.

To help promote the service, YouTube created a case study with Springfield’s finest. Scroll down to see how a YouTube ad saved Homer Simpson’s plowing business. For more inspiration, look to the YouTube for Business channel.


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