YouTube Analytics Platform Tubular Labs Acquires Online Video Marketing …

Tubular Labs is a video analytics and marketing platform for media companies, brands, and influencers intended to help those groups of users win on YouTube by delivering practical insights.

The company collects the viewing habits and actions of at least 225 million YouTube users across nearly a billion videos in order to create those practical YouTube insights, which may take the form of revealing which content creators are particularly authoritative about a given subject, who are a given content creator’s biggest and most influential supporters on YouTube, what particular kinds of videos are performing well on the world’s largest video sharing site, or a bunch of other macro and granular pieces of information useful to anyone who draws all or a portion of their salary from revenue generated by way of online video.

The company has collected a lot of cash, too. Tubular Labs has received upwards of $15.2 million through four funding rounds from individuals like Allen DeBevoise and Dean Gilbert and institutions like Canaan Partners and Lerer Hippeau Ventures.

So, what’s at least one thing a tech startup with a ton of information about the internet’s online video viewing habits does when it’s received eight figures’ worth of investment? Acquire a news site with a penchant for online video marketing that can help make sense of all that data and distribute its finding to an already-established audience accustomed to consuming compelling and useful fact-and-figure-driven stories.

Tubular Labs announced on January 14, 2014 it had acquired ReelSEO for an undisclosed sum. The news site started by Mark Robertson back in 2007 will stop being a news site and function more as a unique destination that’s part of Tubular Labs’ Intelligence network. Robertson explains in a blog post how the site will begin to transition to act “as a free resource for the industry that is dedicated exclusively to providing insights, data, advice, trends, and best practices for video marketing success.”

Robertson is set to stay on board as Tubular Labs’ new Head of Advanced Video Practices, where he will “oversee all editorial and research content related to video marketing, but will continue to passionately lead the team at ReelSEO” by continuing and expanding upon the site’s blogs, newsletters, events, and other regularly scheduled programming.

“Tubular Labs’ mission is to empower video creators and marketers with actionable intelligence to crack the digital video code and win across all platforms,” Tubular Labs’ CEO Rob Gabel wrote in his own (and his first ever) LinkedIn post. “Both Tubular Labs and ReelSEO believe you shouldn’t fly blind into the future of video. So together, we aim to create the most comprehensive and valuable video content and technology available.”

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