Why powerful video is a must for your communications arsenal

The internet is overcrowded with content, but one medium makes people pause
and take notice—compelling video.

It captivates audiences, keeps them engaged and inspires action.

A powerful video is the perfect way to tell your brand’s compelling story
and attract larger audiences.

It’s essential to a winning content strategy—and it doesn’t have to break
the bank.

Learn the latest tools and techniques for shooting engaging video at
Ragan’s Vibrant Videos Virtual Summit on Sept. 22—without
leaving your desk.

Video experts Drew Keller and Rob Kelton, along with livestreaming expert
Ms. Candy Blog, will show you how to:

  • Produce compelling videos that tell your brand’s emotional story—even on
    a small budget
  • Shoot stunning video using only your smartphone
  • Master livestreaming on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

You’ll also receive a complimentary on-demand recording of the event
and all event presentations and handouts.

Your skills and budget don’t have to hold you back from shooting amazing
video. Arm yourself with the tools to become a master visual storyteller.

Register here

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