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Web video marketing can grow your business in many ways. First of all, you get thousands of visitors from search engines if your video is search engine optimized. You also get more thousands of visitors if your video is viral. This is called organic traffic. This type of marketing uses website videos to reach millions of viewers. Instead of presenting your web content in text and images, you make your voice heard with videos. Video marketing is cheaper than TV commercials. Saving you thousands of dollars. Also Internet users can view your video many times. The cost of promoting your video on search engines is not much compared to the traffic it will generate.

Web video marketing started with small entrepreneurs way back in early 1990. Today we have seen big players providing platforms for Internet video hosting. There is no doubt that the pioneers of Internet marketing reaped thousands if not millions of dollars back then. Unlike the early days, there are hundreds of websites which offer free video hosting. Some of these sites pay you a sum of money if your video is generating a lot of views. Web video marketing can be compared to Television advertisements. The difference is that the former is done online, and the later is done offline. Television adverts are more expensive. Web videos are very cheap and easy to make. Television adverts are seen by millions of viewers but they cannot be played back. Web videos are also seen by millions of viewers, depending on the search engine rankings and vitality. They can be played back by the user at anytime. Web videos need a lot of promotion. Television adverts don’t need a lot of promotion. Some established businesses prefer to go for paid hosting. Paid web video marketing and hosting brings quick results.

Yes, if you really want to be ahead of the pack, you have to pay. Entrepreneurs must be careful when going for paid services. The Internet is full of hype and scams. You may find that some of these paid services are useless and not different from free services. If you subscribe for a good hosting service, chances are you will also get free marketing tools and favors. Resources for web video marketing can be found on web master sites like SitePoint and SEO Black Hat. You will also find thousands of sites and forums where valuable marketing tips are shared. There is a lot of open source software like video makers, video editors, html editors and video uploaders. Depending on which site you join, you can also get digital information and eBooks on Internet marketing.

Branding your product is also important in web video marketing. It has been proved that branding improves sales. A small entrepreneur may broadcast a good video, but people may quickly forget about it if its not branded. When people associate a product with a brand, it is easy for them to type that name in search engines. Facebook provides business people and companies a special page for displaying their brand. These pages attract a lot of visitors who want to be updated when a new product is released. These visitors are loyal to the brand. Members of the brand group range from a few thousand to millions depending on the popularity of the brand or owner. Lastly, it is important to know your Audience if you are to be successful in web video marketing. Knowing your Audience will help determine the kind of message you must send and the product that you must sell.

The way you present your message may mean a difference between a dollar and a million dollars. The timing of your advertisement is also important because there are peak hours whereby the traffic is very high and off-peak hours whereby the traffic is extremely low. If you display your web video on off-peak hours you are unlikely to make good conversions.

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