Watch Titan Raga #Breakthebias [Video]

Advertisements dealing with the issue of women – their success, looks, gender equality – is a tricky one. It’s easy to simplify, generalise, objectify or stereotype but this Titan Raga ad, created by Ogilvy, will leave you with a smile.

Created around Women’s Day, it shows how a woman’s success is perceived by many in the organisation.

A twist at the end of an ad is always a delight, isn’t it? Well, this ad hits just the right spot when it comes to biases against women at workplace.

Here are what the lines in Hindi mean:

  • “Rajat gets Kiran to work on every project. He says, they make a great team.”
  • “Kiran is young and fresher but Rajat has immense trust in Kiran.”
  • “And, whenever you see them, they are working together.”
  • “The duo are the first ones to reach the office and the last ones to leave.”
  • The boss with a smirk then says: “Shall we see who the recommended person is?”

And then comes the twist.

Watch the ad here:


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