WATCH: Petrol attendant dances ‘drunk’ while on duty

09 November, 11:59 AM

Litaletu Zidepa, News24

A video showing a seemingly drunk BP garage petrol attendant dancing while on duty, has been doing the rounds on social media.

The video, posted by Sandile Saider Nobhala Puti on Facebook, shows the petrol attendant at a BP garage in Port Elizabeth dancing up and down while being cheered by bystanders. 

Puti says at first he thought it was a marketing gimmick, until he realised she was drunk. 

« At first I thought she was just fooling around. There have been other videos of dancing BP petrol attendants circulating on social media before.

« It’s only when I started shooting that I realised she was drunk. The lady was visibly intoxicated. »

The video has been watched over 200 000 times, and shared over 4000 times. Watch. 

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