WATCH: Kia’s Bo Jackson ‘Tecmo Bowl’ ad is marketing perfection on multiple levels

There are a hundred different indelible moments from Bo Jackson’s career, both as a football and baseball player etched in the minds of people who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s. There’s also the memory of Bo as a Tecmo Bowl god, the most unstoppable player in video game history.

People would run from one end zone to another, back to the original end zone and then back again on a single play, just for fun.

Kia jumped all over Bo’s famous Tecmo Bowl skill in a recent ad, throwing the legendary Auburn and Raiders running back into a car and sending him into a virtual stadium. The Kia on the virtual field is well played.

But not as well played as Bo stopping in front of Brian Bosworth and then letting the Boz into the car at which point the burns get very sick.

In case you don’t know, Jackson famously destroyed Bosworth in an epic showdown way back in the day.

We’re all leaning dangerously towards things that were popular in the early ’90s becoming popular for refurbishing in advertising formats. It’s a terrifying world. Soak up the late ’80s while you can.

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