Volkswagen Confirms Robbie Williams as The Company’s Marketing Manager …

As Volkswagen previously announced on their Facebook account, the German car maker has premiered their new celebrity collaboration yesterday. The company has officially confirmed that Robbie Williams is their new « marketing director. »

For a man in his 40s, the “Sexed Up” singer still crushes hearts around the planet, so maybe Volkswagen is trying to get more women customers with this move (we’re obviously kidding). But we’re pretty sure that his over 70 million sold albums was rather why the Germans opted him.

Europe’s largest automaker made the announcement in a televised press conference held yesterday evening, claiming Williams is the key protagonist in the multi-channel advertising campaign for the new “Club Lounge” special models which the artist unveiled at the world premiere.

The media event was broadcast simultaneously by almost all TV stations and numerous online portals and social media channels in Germany and marks the start of the Volkswagen’s new advertising campaign. It’s also the first time the auto manufacturer is working with music streaming service Spotify.

The campaign

Ranging from the up! and the Golf family to the Beetle and the Tiguan, there will be nine special models starring in Volkswagen’s new Club Lounge campaign, which will be promoted under the motto “How good does that sound”. According to the company, the special models will be in showrooms from January 2015.

As to the artist holding Volkswagen’s image in his hands, well it seems he enjoys having a real job so far: “Marketing manager at Volkswagen- how good does that sound? For me, it’s a big change. It’s stepping out of the world of pop into a proper job”, Robbie said in a statement.

There is also a nice little clip of the auto maker’s new collaboration which we listed below. We like Robbie Williams’ music, but we have to admit it’s quite a surprise to see him in a auto marketing venture.

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