Virool unveils Facebook video ad platform

For the first time ever, user-uploaded video content to Facebook has overtaken YouTube uploads, marking a clear shift in consumer behaviour in the social network. Meanwhile, marketers and content creators are quickly adopting Facebook as part of their overall digital video strategy.

The distribution platform allows marketers to distribute their Facebook videos across the Virool network of more than 100,000 publishing properties. Brand marketers can seed their videos to a highly targeted audience based on key audience demographics and location; build custom overlays and banner ads, including one-click sharing to other social networks; and see real-time analytics that show instant campaign results including heat-map reports and emotional tracking.

« We are already seeing a number of companies switching to Facebook as their primary video player, » said Alex Debelov, CEO of Virool. « By broadening our service to the Facebook platform, Virool is moving towards a platform agnostic capability that can help any video, hosted on any platform, reach an audience that deserves to see it. We are excited to bring video distribution to a new social network and help video marketers maximize their Facebook video strategies. »

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