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SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 18, 2014) – Virool, a fastest flourishing video placement height for marketers, currently unveils dual giveaway video selling collection to assistance anyone with a YouTube channel turn smarter about a opening of their video campaigns. The new apartment of collection embody ChannelWatch, a channel guard and comparison apparatus and VideoSpy, a Google Chrome prolongation that displays a covering of analytics subsequent any YouTube video.

« There is many some-more to a YouTube video than a view, » pronounced Alex Debelov, CEO of Virool. « At Virool, we trust in going over a perspective and that is because we grown a new apartment of collection to give marketers a elementary approach to maximize a opening of their channel, video or campaign. »

Online video is a fastest flourishing digital promotion format and YouTube is a cornerstone of many company’s online video efforts. The new apartment of collection from Virool broach a deeper bargain of a opening of any YouTube channel that go over a video perspective count. With elementary pattern and set-up, a new collection offer video marketers a finish debate government solution.

Take assign of your campaign’s opening with ChannelWatch
The new ChannelWatch by Virool is a giveaway dimensions apparatus that delivers low research of any YouTube channel performance. With ChannelWatch, marketers can also see a corresponding research of adult to 4 competing channels. ChannelWatch marks chronological information to arrangement how a channel is behaving over time. Features of a new ChannelWatch apparatus include:

  • Monitor a opening of your channel: The formula are displayed in a visible scorecard of elementary charts that are easy to understand and analyze.
  • Side-by-side perspective opposite competing channels: Understand how your channel is behaving subsequent to one or some-more competitors. View a side-by-side channel comparison or see how we arrange in a industry.
  • Measure video and channel opening over time: ChannelWatch tracks chronological information to uncover how a channel is behaving over time.
  • Top channels and trending videos: ChannelWatch displays a many enchanting video or channel opposite renouned industries and brand categories. 

Plug in VideoSpy to exhibit a loyal rendezvous of any YouTube video
VideoSpy is a giveaway Google Chrome prolongation that provides a elementary image of a YouTube video’s opening and engagement. The neat arrangement includes video statistics, channel statistics and amicable response to assistance users optimize daily formed on performance. Connect VideoSpy to a new Virool ChannelWatch apparatus to lane a opening of a video or channel over time.

For some-more information on Virool ChannelWatch, revisit To download a Virool VideoSpy, revisit

About Virool Inc.
Virool is a programmatic video placement height for individuals, tiny businesses, and large tellurian brands and their agencies. With tradition players that capacitate one-click amicable sharing, modernized targeting, and a 100% pure analytics platform, Virool promotes long-form digital calm both programmatically and by approach local placements. More than 30,000 tellurian profitable business have devoted a Virool height to foster over 60,000 video promotion campaigns worldwide. Founded in 2012, Virool has lifted $6.62M in seed appropriation from a collection of tip VC firms and angel investors. It is a biggest seed investment that any Y-Combinator connoisseur has ever received.

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