Vidyard Launches Vidyard Live Streaming Media Solution

Vidyard yesterday launched Vidyard Live, a height for organizations to tide live video calm around a Web or inner partnership systems and afterwards lane particular viewers who watched, when, and for how long. Vidyard integrates with pivotal selling automation and CRM collection to broach user-level video rendezvous data.

Vidyard Live identifies both outmost and inner live tide viewers and marks their rendezvous within Vidyard’s Analytics Center and heading selling automation and CRM platforms like Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, Act-On, and

Vidyard Live is built around a user-friendly workflow and can be set adult in only a few steps. Companies don’t need to report their live streams weeks in advance. Vidyard Live can be started when it’s needed, even during a moment’s notice.

Videos can be embedded on any Web page, alighting page, and even within a Chatter feed or online amicable community. idyard’s HTML5 actor « supports all device types, both mobile and desktop, » says Tyler Lessard, arch selling officer during Vidyard. « It’s totally browser- and handling system-agnostic. »

Vidyard has prolonged been a formation partner. The association in Jul 2014 announced a Salesforce integration, enabling users of’s Pardot selling solutions to brand online video viewers and lane their observation histories as partial of lead scoring, qualification, and programmed maintain programs. It also offering local integrations opposite other Salesforce products, enabling companies to precedence online video as a vital member of their selling and sales activities.

« Sales people have been means to send videos right from within for a few years, » Lessard adds, observant that « video has turn a absolute apparatus for sales reps. »

It has recently found other business uses. « We are saying a flourishing direct for streaming video for both selling and inner collaboration, » Lessard says, observant that it also is being used for inner training and pity executive communications.

The Vidyard Live Platform does not extent a length of a video or a form of feed that can be broadcast. « Companies can use it to tide a five-minute promotional video or a two-hour live eventuality with keynotes and discussion sessions, » Lessard says.

As shortly as a live eventuality is over, Vidyard Live automatically translates a video to an on-demand video item accessible in a same actor and during a same URL. There is no need to manually upload or encode a apart record or re-embed a video.

« Those who couldn’t see a video live can entrance a available chronicle though any additional work by a association or a viewer, » Lessard explains.

Vidyard Live, he adds, was built to capacitate anyone opposite marketing, sales, or inner communications to trigger live streams on a fly or during pre-determined times though carrying to rivet a IT department.

« The whole purpose was to make it easy to use for businesses, » Lessard says. « For many, it can be formidable to set adult a live video stream. With Vidyard Live, it’s a elementary two-step process. »

« Live streaming is a good approach to rivet with remote audiences, though we can’t know if we were successful or re-engage with viewers unless we know who they are, » pronounced Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard, in a statement. « We’re radically delivering Meerkat or Periscope for a craving with a ease-of-use that complicated businesses expect. But we’re going over a ability to simply promote your message, enabling businesses to lane who’s intent in a live tide right inside their selling automation and CRM collection to raise patron insight. »

Vidyard also recently launched personalized video  capabilities. Companies can, for example, tailor videos to really specific users and serve personalize a communication by weaving singular sum about them into a video. This could embody both content and images, including their name, association name, email address, home page, phone number, or LinkedIn form picture.

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