Vidyard Launches Engage, an Easy Tool for Email Video Marketing

Putting a video directly into a prospect’s in-box is a holy grail for marketers. While video marketing solutions company Vidyard can’t make email platforms support video, it can do the next best thing: Make it easy to create promotional emails with video links, then offer comprehensive metrics on who watches those videos.

VidyardEngageVidyard has just launched Engage, a video email system that works with Gmail accounts. With Engage, marketers and sales reps can attach videos to an email as easily as they attach documents. When recipients click to play a video they’ll see it on a dedicated Vidyard landing page. With Engage, there’s no need to upload videos to an online account or worry about privacy settings.

Once a video has been viewed, the sender gets an alert showing how much of the video was watched. Vidyard’s detailed analytics show which parts were skipped and how long each viewer was engaged. It’s a great way to separate the solid business prospects from those just window browsing. Markers can then use the Vidyard Contact Center to survey that prospect’s full viewing history. Engage’s viewing data can also be pushed into individual contact records in Salesforce.

“Despite its success as a strategic marketing tool, video remains an untapped resource for helping sales reps close more deals or building better relationships with existing clients,” says Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard. “We’re addressing this head-on by making it simple for customer-facing teams to share key video assets from right inside their inbox and use viewer engagement data to better understand their audience.”

While Vidyard Engage only works with Google Gmail at the moment, it should support Microsoft Outlook later this month. Vidyard isn’t offering specifics on pricing, only noting that the product is sold in a per seat license model.

For a closer look at Vidyard Engage, watch the video below.

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