Vidyard and Media One Creative Bring Video Personalization and Analytics to Businesses

and Media
One Creative
today announced a partnership to offer comprehensive
video marketing solutions to help businesses drive new levels of
engagement in their content and turn viewers into customers. The new
partnership will see the leading video marketing platform and one of
Canada’s fastest growing digital agencies help businesses quickly deploy
video marketing programs while ensuring they can track individual viewer
engagement and the ROI of their video content. Media One Creative will
also offer a new service to help businesses create Personalized
experiences that seamlessly weave the viewer’s name, company
logo and other personally relevant content into the flow of the video to
drive greater engagement, higher conversion rates and increased ROI.

Video is proven to be the most effective content type for engaging
audiences and converting prospects into customers. While the majority of
businesses are increasing their investments, a 2015
industry research report
found that the top barriers to video
marketing success include the lack of an effective video strategy and
the lack of compelling content. Vidyard and Media One Creative will
collaborate to help businesses overcome these challenges, delivering
video marketing solutions that combines content production, video
personalization, online distribution, individual viewer tracking and ROI

“Every business needs to be thinking about analytics and insights as a
core part of their video marketing strategy,” said Derek Rider,
co-founder and CEO of Media One Creative. “We’re thrilled to partner
with Vidyard to help clients take their video programs from tactical to
strategic, and to deliver exceptional content and video analytics that
deliver real results in a way that is integrated with their broader
marketing and sales strategy.”

Through the new partnership, Media One Creative will also use the
Vidyard Personalized Video technology to create 1-to-1 personalized
video experiences that literally bring viewers into the story.
Personalized videos have been proven to significantly increase
click-through and conversion rates, offering an innovative new way for
marketers to cut through the noise and create memorable content

“The results we’re seeing with personalized video are incredibly
exciting, with some of our largest customers seeing more than a
500-percent increase in conversion rates over their typical campaigns,”
said Tyler Lessard, chief marketing officer at Vidyard. “We’re excited
to partner with Media One Creative as a trusted personalized video
content producer. Together, we’ll help clients in both B2C and B2B
markets deliver innovative video campaigns that drive action and deliver
results in a scalable manner.”

To see personalized video in action, simply visit here
and enter your information to have a custom video rendered just for you.
For more information on Vidyard and Media One Creative, please visit

About Vidyard

(Twitter: @Vidyard)
is the industry’s leading video marketing platform that helps marketers
drive results and ROI with online video content. With Vidyard, customers
can add video to their websites in minutes, get real-time analytics,
syndicate video to social networks and YouTube, create calls to action,
optimize search engine hits, capture leads, and brand their player skins
all from one place. Vidyard integrates with key marketing automation and
CRM tools to deliver user-level video engagement data, turning views
into sales.

About Media One Creative

One Creative
has become one of Canada’s fastest growing digital
video agencies, with a team of over 65 professional video, audio,
creative and project management staff. Media One Creative specializes in
working with clients and agencies to solve business challenges through

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