Videos Represent the Future of Online Marketing


The business landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. More and more businesses have stopped investing in traditional brick-and-mortar strategies in favor of online promotion tactics. As more and more people are becoming proactively involved with the digital landscape, various companies are resorting to creative tactics in order to maximize their marketing efforts. One of the best ways to promote a business online is by creating high-quality useful content. What many business people do not know is the fact that content comes under all shapes and sizes.

Written content may be useful, but how effective will it be 10 years from now? There are other options such as videos, images, vines, graphic visualizations that internet marketers should use to their advantage. Ten years from now, do you think you would consume content like this under written or video form? Videos are extremely effective for explaining difficult terms or boring topics. They can make even the dullest topic seem more attractive, and they also rank better in search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Instead of investing in a tedious written content campaign, why not create a series of truly unique videos? Here are a few reasons why you should consider using videos for your online marketing campaign.

  1. They can be used to Promote Events: The attention span of average internet users is extremely limited. If they don’t find something engaging, they will leave the website without consuming the entire content. If you are trying to promote an event, one of the best ways to do it is by creating a stellar video. The example from Todays Growth Consultant ( is perfect in this scenario. Not only does the short clip offer a preview of your key speakers, venue and topics, but it can also be shared on social media websites and receive more attention.
  2. They Are More Engaging than Written Content: A recent study conducted by a reputable tech magazine has concluded that the most popular type of content consists of videos of two to three minutes in length. Three minutes is more than enough for you to give details about a new product or campaign. We assure you that a succinct interesting clip will get a lot more attention than a boring block of text.
  3. They Can Be Used do Increase Brand Awareness: The problem with social media marketing for businesses isn’t getting large numbers of followers, but growing a community that matters. It is better to have 3000 engaged followers, than 300.000 uninterested ones. The only way to achieve engagement is by increasing your brand awareness, and videos are the perfect way to do this. With short videos you can display behind-the-scenes montages of your firm, flukes and products. You can also market giveaways, discounts and new offers through unique clips.
  4. They Are Social Media Friendly: Videos can easily be shared on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. In addition to this, if you don’t want to create a YouTube Video you can also work with 15 seconds long Instagram videos or Vines.
  5. They Will Make You Stand Out from Your Competition: Videos are not revolutionary or new for the virtual world, but very few companies are using them in their online marketing campaigns. It is probably more convenient for many businesses to simply invest in written content and social media presence. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to stand out. Having videos will give you the competitive edge over other companies in your industry. They will also offer you more credibility.

These are only a few reasons why videos are important for your online marketing campaign. You can find extensive video marketing tutorials online if you decide to implement this tactic in your marketing strategy.

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