Video Meets Marketing: Adobe Joins Primetime and Marketing Cloud

For companies that rely on Adobe platforms, getting granular and timely viewer data for marketing purposes is about to get a lot easier.

Adobe Summit 2015 begins today in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Adobe has announced that Primetime, its multiscreen TV platform, is now an Adobe Marketing Cloud solution. With the two platforms working together, marketers can import first-, second-, and third-party viewer data from Primetime to Marketing Cloud to better understand the viewer experience, while viewing engagement times that are much more granular that before. They can also plan and execute campaigns that target specific demographics.

MarketingKeyThe combined solution lets marketers eliminate one of the more frequent online viewer complaints: seeing the same ad over and over again. With frequency capping, marketers can ensure that viewers only see the same ad a set number of times, even across multiple devices. According to Adobe research, viewers say that seeing the same ad too many times is more annoying than seeing too many ads (39 percent compared to 35 percent). Adobe also finds that 26 percent of viewers say that better ad personalization would make video ads less intrusive.

Adobe announced improvements to its video player SDK that will improve cross-device targeting, allow marketers to stream ads to specific devices, and include frequency capping.

The Adobe Summit is geared to online marketing professionals, and will include talks by statistician Nate Silver, Academy Award winner Michael Keaton, and Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young. Check back for regular updates.

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