Video Marketing Statistics: How You Can Get More Prospects Now

Video marketing statistics prove there is a way you can turn your marketing efforts into your best results. It is a means to be productive without waste, and you know that in business, anything related to waste means losing money. Is’n it?

Video marketing statistics really show you that being effective on your campaigns has a direct effect on your business bottom line too. You can save tons of time, effort and money by just using Video marketing to promote your business. Did you know these facts?

When we analyze different video marketing statistics, we learn that 4 of every 5 business transactions had started with somebody searching on the internet -it sounds great, does’n it- This actually means that you must have your business online immediately, in case you don’t, to get more prospects right now.

Did you know that video viewers tend to become more active after watching a video than after visiting a traditional webpage? After watching a video, more than half of the people tend to do what the video tells them to do, such as visiting a webpage or watching a second video, and so on. This means that visitors become your prospects in a higher range if they can see a video. They probably feel more confident if they can see you in their personal computer!

Video marketing statistics also show that, only in the last quarter of 2010, more than twenty-four million people watched a video on a mobile phone in America. This represents 41% more people than at the same time one year before, and, what’s more astounding, is that these users spent an average of more than four hours watching videos every month. Actually videos are more and more populars on a mobile phone market!

So how many prospects could you get -or want you get- with your videos online?

If you found yourself -like so many others on the Internet- not taking advantage of the opportunities in my Video marketing statistics, you may not be alone. But if you want to benefit from reduced costs, increased profit and more prospects in your list you’d better read this article – Video Marketing Statistics:  Undisputable Reasons To Boost Your Business

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