Video Marketing Specialist Lem Moore Hits No. 1 on Amazon Bestseller List

Video Marketing Specialist, Lem Moore shares his top video marketing tips in his new book, “Era Of Video”.

The book officially launched on February, 24, 2015 and secured the rank of #1 Bestseller status in three categories on the day of release. The book remains in the top three bestsellers as of May, 1, 2015.

Leading the three categories of Advertising, Television and Video and Online Advertising was a special win for Moore because the successful book launch solidified his position in the marketplace.

Unlike other video marketing books, Moore’s book is an insider’s conversation derived from a tele-conference interview. The interview was conducted by a Small Business Trendsetters Magazine contributor.

Era Of Video aims to provide small business owners with unique tips and strategies for using video commercials to connect with prospects, increase sales, and increase bottom-line profits.

The book covers multiple video marketing strategies, including:

  • The creation of a video commercial distribution strategy to increase the profitability of each video marketing campaign
  • The use of psychological triggers to engage viewers, connect with prospects and convert prospects into buyers
  • The implementation of a broad multi-cultural marketing plan so non-English speaking prospects are targeted. This strategy positions the small business owner to strategically increase their return-on-investment

When talking about why he believes this book is uniquely qualified to help entrepreneurs, Moore states, “we do things the right way. I’m not going tell you that we’re going rank you in three days because that’s impossible. You’ve got to think long term. We rank you in three to five months; then you’ll see the traffic flowing in each and every month.”

In an attempt to make video marketing accessible, Moore created a video series of five training sessions for the small business owner who prefers the do-it-yourself option.

For more information, visit to receive a complimentary copy of Moore’s book and video series.

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