Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits

Bob Reina, Founder CEO of Talk Fusion, shares how video marketing engages viewers, builds customer loyalty, forges a personal connection, and increases ROI

With an overabundance of advertising and gimmicks prevalent today, it’s hard for businesses to find the best way to market themselves without getting lost in the crowd. Aside from the everyday challenges associated with running a company, entrepreneurs also face the problems of generating more sales, navigating successful campaigns, determining how to build stronger customer relationships, and finding new ways to engage consumers.

When it comes to a company’s success, it’s clear that obstacles are in no short supply. But there is one solution that has proven its effectiveness time and again: video marketing.

If 10 years in law enforcement, 20 years in the direct selling industry, and 10 years in the video marketing arena have taught me about anything, it’s people; how they live, what motivates them, and what they find engaging—and people love video. Products like video email, online newsletters, and web conferencing platforms make a big statement about a company’s identity. Additionally, using video through social media helps you connect with customers on their level.


Any successful company focuses on more than just the bottom line. An effective marketing campaign not only educates and persuades consumers, but also fosters a positive relationship with them. Video marketing does this in a number of ways.

Consumers Love It

People prefer watching video to reading text. In fact, according to an Animoto survey of 1,000 people, four times as many respondents preferred learning about a product through video. Today’s culture of instant gratification only fuels the shortened attention span of the average consumer, so naturally they prefer a visually appealing medium that captivates the senses.

It Inspires Action

Because video is both stimulating and entertaining, it offers an experience to the viewer not found in plain text. Fluid, modern, and interesting, video satisfies our need to absorb information quickly and seamlessly. In fact, video has been proven to increase viewer comprehension and boost the likelihood of a sale. So give them what they want; after all, a happy customer is a repeat customer.

It Makes You Stand Out

In my experience, I’ve found that businesses that incorporate video into their marketing efforts consistently see positive results. Anthony Williams, Internet Manager of Freeway Ford and a Talk Fusion customer, told us that using video in his emails has given him a big advantage over his competition. In Anthony’s niche of online auto sales, his challenge is competing with many similar companies, but using personalized video messages has made a big difference for his business.

“When a person shops on the internet, that request may go to 10 dealerships in your area. Email marketing allows me to be instant in my response, versatile with what I can do, and it allows high impact presentation that can touch more senses,” Anthony said.

He’s able to instantly connect with potential customers, introduce himself, and make an impression before a customer even steps onto his lot.

It Builds Customer Rapport

Finding new ways to brand your company and build customer loyalty can be tough. How do you demonstrate your trustworthiness without appearing self-serving? You do it by making the connection about them. Inserting video into your email and online newsletters suddenly makes it personal.

Combining customized messages with video not only streamlines your marketing efforts, but it forges a relationship with your customers. Sending thank you messages, exclusive offers, helpful tips, and other valuable information through this dynamic medium is vital to establishing your company as a trusted source. And when people trust your brand, they’re more likely to buy and recommend your products.

It’s Cost-Effective

The Direct Marketing Association has found that email offers an incredible return on investment (ROI) of $43.62. This firmly secures it as the highest ROI-generator of any marketing medium. Considering the minimal costs involved in sending out email messages and the proven results of adding video, when you combine the two you’re looking at a marketing goldmine. Add to that the widespread availability of cameras on cell phones, laptops, tablets, and desktops and virtually anyone can become a video marketer in a matter of minutes.

We thrive in an industry that is always changing. We face new challenges every day and must always seek out the best practices, best products, and best methods available. Incorporating video into your marketing efforts is a powerful and effective way to build your brand, your customer base, and your business. Marketers all over the world are successfully using video to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Now it’s your turn.

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