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Video selling guide

Here Marketing Week looks during some of a core issues that brands should cruise around video marketing.

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Creating a video selling strategy

Devising an effective video plan is no meant feat. Although a barriers to entrance are reduce for brands compared to other media channels such as TV or cinema, marketers contingency cruise delicately about a form of video calm they produce, a assembly it is directed during and a platforms on that it is shared.

Although marketers can emanate and tell videos with relations ease, they should aim to take a systematic proceed to their video strategy. For publisher Time Inc that means looking during a information rather than doing things on a hunch.

The publisher has also experimented with a operation of opposite video formats opposite a brands. Look magazine, for example, creates tutorials and has used shoppable Facebook Live videos to assistance monetise partnerships with brands like Asos and Benefit Cosmetics.

Creating a repeated array of calm is another proceed to build audiences. For example, one video in a #MumWins array combined by Time Inc’s Good to Know site captivated 49 million views on

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Choosing a video format

From a 15-minute array to six-second Snapchat clips, a perfect volume of video formats and channels available means marketers need to carefully cruise how video works for their specific brand. These are a options:

Long-form video

As a home of long-form video content, YouTube is a favourite with brands looking to mangle a conventions of TV schedules and go proceed to consumers. Buzzfeed attracts 7 billion tellurian views any month so is resolutely of a faith digital shows can mangle by during scale. In fact, one in 6 people in a UK now subscribes to one of BuzzFeed’s Tasty food channels on YouTube.

Beauty code Benefit, meanwhile, opts for YouTube when it wants to beget a mass recognition indispensable to foster a new product. However, apportion doesn’t kick quality. Head of digital selling for Benefit UK and Ireland, Michelle Stoodley, says a brand attempted to do one video a week on YouTube final year though didn’t utterly conclude a work involved, a time indispensable and a budgets so now believes reduction is more.

Short-form video

Whether it’s a six-second Snapchat shave or a polished, high-end Instagram Stories campaign, marketers are increasingly adding short-form video to their media mix. This means marketers are experimenting with how to use a shade space to make a genuine impact.

The block format of Instagram and a true inlet of Snapchat can both benefaction a plea when it comes to reckoning out assets, however. But notwithstanding a issues with viewability and impact, Mondelez’s digital and social media manager, Pollyanna Ward says it has taught a code that when it comes to creative, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, that is a profitable lesson.

User-generated content

Content combined by code fans, influencers and staff has been a large success for Benefit. To coincide with a roll-out of its mascara Roller Lash in 2015, Benefit combined a montage video featuring user-generated calm (UGC) posted by consumers.

It gets store-based employees concerned in formulating tutorials, that a code says consumers respond good to.

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Live video

Livestreaming is now being tried, tested and launched around several platforms. Twitter announced a skeleton for a 24/7 live video tide in April, Facebook and YouTube continue to try and grow their live charity and other players in a marketplace are proof their worth.

Brands can publicize opposite live video streams to strech a preferred assembly though increasingly it’s a proceed for brands to emanate their possess live content.

Aside from formulating this calm with Google, Facebook and Twitter, other platforms are rising that offer a collection to take control and code a video knowledge rather than carrying to use a existent platforms and all that comes with them.

One instance is Telefónica’s livestreaming tool Xtreamr, that is designed to assistance brands, calm producers and TV broadcasters emanate interactive live use for audiences around a web apparatus and mobile app.


Instagram stories Airbnb
Airbnb used Instagram Stories to build recognition of a Airbnb Experiences offer.

Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all offer a ‘stories’ duty on their sites. Stories originated with Snapchat in 2013 and allows users of a amicable media height to play a array of ‘snaps’ or videos in one sequence. Instagram and Facebook followed fit in 2016 and 2017 with their possess not dissimilar versions of a feature.

A news in TechCrunch found that perspective depends on Snapchat Stories dropped by 15-40% after a launch of Instagram Stories, and posting volume declined as good so there is many foe in this area. These functions are now open to brands to emanate their possess stories and Instagram seems to be hidden a lot of a limelight.

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Choosing a right shade size

Brands need to safeguard they are meditative about formulating calm privately for shade distance to make certain it is applicable to a device, quite mobile.

Teads’ research, conducted with Ipsos, shows that mobile-optimised block video formats expostulate 66% some-more finished views than plane artistic when noticed on mobile devices.

It also shows that outstream true and block formats are a slightest forward of all mobile ads, pushing a 39% encouragement in user experience. Vertical formats grasp 83% aloft ad remember than a plane format, with block ads achieving 60% improved ad recall.

Autoplay and a miss of sound

It’s no longer a viable choice for brands to simply repurpose TV ads for use on other channels. A 30-second TV ad competence work OK as a pre-roll though a summary could be mislaid if it is autoplayed in a news feed or on amicable media.

Understanding users’ context is also key. This means meditative about how a video is being viewed, that is mostly but sound. While it does benefaction a plea it also gives marketers a event to be artistic and pattern calm privately but sound.

Measuring video

Many marketers are scratching their heads when it comes to bargain how to successfully magnitude video effectiveness, with many relying too heavily on execution rate.

Measurement is still not sophisticated, with some suggesting a fact Facebook and Google partner with Nielsen means a customary ad remember and impact on notice video metrics are too many like above-the-line measures so not fit for purpose.

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Collecting information like impressions, video views or normal execution rates does not in itself infer that business or prospects have remembered, enjoyed, felt swayed by or finished anything opposite since of a branded video.

Instead marketers should be seeking questions around either video views lead to code or product advocacy, argues Andre outpost Loon, investigate and discernment executive during We Are Social, as good as if they were successful in reinforcing existent attitudes or behaviours, or formulating new ones, and if a brand’s videos impacted on consumers’ squeeze intentions or increasing sales.

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Video on a budget

Brands need to make certain they achieve the right demeanour and feel, while during a same time creation a big impact. Here are some candid tips to make a many of a tiny bill when creation video:

Plan your video

It is easy for brands to dive true into filming but any care of a video’s message, timing or preferred outcome. Planning forward means a plan will be reduction expected to go over budget, assisting brands equivocate costly reshoots and squandered investment.

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Brands should firstly conclude their goals and what they wish a video to achieve. Clarity on a video’s pivotal messages will safeguard marketers stay on track. Each block of video calm should also embody a call to action, that acts as an instruction for a spectator and helps to incite an evident response. If the goal is to expostulate trade to a website or pointer people adult to a newsletter, afterwards conclude this during a outset and build a call to action into a video that looks to grasp this.

Be quick with video equipment

Be it your phone or a veteran DSLR camera, creation video has never been some-more democratised, with influencers sharpened peculiarity video true from their bedrooms with small pack or money.

Re-use aged video

Re-editing past video footage is a cost-effective process of getting more crash for your sire – don’t equivocate regulating footage only since it is old. Videos can also be freshened adult with new song and by working with a frames from a opposite angle to furnish something new.

Avoid video pitfalls

Some brands emanate a block of video calm only for a consequence of it, while others take a one-size-fits-all approach, fixation a same video on every social media platform.

To equivocate these problems, make video amicable media ready. In practice, this means personalising video for the chosen amicable media height and bargain any channel.

It’s also critical to brand any amicable media platform’s optimal video format. The plane video aspect ratio that was once a bullion customary for amicable and online video has been proven reduction effective in rendezvous than true and block videos, generally interjection to Snapchat.

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