Video invaluable for firms to attract customers online

Utilising video as an interactive tool today can help businesses attract a greater number of customers and increase engagement as well as brand recognition, experts at online video hosting platform Brightcove have revealed.

Netflix recently grabbed headlines in the region, with its unexpected launch in 130 new countries, including the UAE, clearly highlighting the continuing demand for video content.

According to Cisco, video will account for 69 per cent of the total volume of consumer Internet traffic by 2017, and approximately two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2016. The user consumption trend makes it clear that brands today must not underestimate the catalyst that video content can be to engage with consumers.

« The introduction of Netflix into the Mena region reflects the growing demand for content in the region and creates awareness from video-on-demand services. The establishment of the global media giant highlights the popular nature of online video content, while providing a greater variety of content for consumers, » said Luke Gaydon, vice-president of media for Emea at Brightcove.

« Over-the-top television and video revenues in eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa are expected to reach $2.64 billion by 2020 and Brightcove believes Netflix’s introduction will fuel continued growth in the region. »

Video is indisputably one of the best tools to increase brand recognition and boost consumer engagement, as it appeals to a generation that crave content that is delivered through a preferred medium in an amusing, informative and easy to digest manner.

« With increasing video consumption, businesses can leverage the change by tapping into a medium that has a successful track record. From the early days of television to the introduction of smartphones and tablets, video has managed to engage with an audience in a more impactful way than text and static images, » said Sophie Rayers, director of marketing for Emea and LatAm at Brightcove.

« Today’s consumers are inundated with information from multiple channels and, because of this, brands need to look for new ways to capture the attention of their target audience and keep them engaged. »

Rayers noted that with the widespread availability of high-bandwidth Internet across desktops, laptops and mobile devices, online video has evolved into a powerful marketing tool across all industries, for businesses of all sizes.

She explained that it is important for businesses to develop an easily scalable strategy when looking at video as a communication tool. A video strategy has to start somewhere, be it an existing library of titles or just a single video. An effective video marketing strategy must be able to expand with the content.

She also noted that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for video, which gives brands the ability to find the best way to deliver their content to consumers.

« The important thing we see as a video platform, is that customers often start out using video for a one use case and, once they realise the myriad of communication opportunities, want to use video in expanding ways for a variety of business goals. Thus they need to look for flexibility and scalability in the platform allowing them to achieve their current and future business goals, » she said.

Ultimately, Rayers added, there are two practical and compelling reasons for video marketing: the first being marketing results that are transparent and tangible thanks to deep analytics. Secondly, she noted that there are countless studies that validate how video gets people to a brand’s site, keeps them engaged on the site, and converts them at a higher rate than sites without video.

« Moving from products to selling the ethos of a brand, dedicated campaign videos leave a lasting impression. When placed on a landing page, video can increase time on-site by 105 per cent and convert leads at twice the rate of a site without video » she added.

« Video returns some of the best business results of any marketing tool, and should be a part of any well-considered, business-grounded marketing strategy. From short video content on social sites, leading customers back to your onsite content, to longer forms on an online video platform, smart brands are stepping on board to achieve business results. »

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