Video Experts Group Launches VXG Mobile Media SDK for Android and iOS

Jan 8, 2015


The VXG Media Player SDK is designed to help developers create value with video. With a wide range of features and powerful tools, developers are able to quickly expand their audience, generate revenue, and create more effective digital communications.  Their SDK has been developed and implemented by numerous companies, globally, and in various vertical markets.

“VXG Media Player SDK gives our clients the ability to create their own Mobile Media Player in as little as a few hours,” says Jace Parratti, Director of Sales and Marketing at VXG.  “Marketed to both SMB and large corporations, VXG also has a full service development team ready to provide professional services in design and development of mobile media playback applications.”

According to Cisco, by 2018, two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video content driven. ComScore has stated that 47% of Internet traffic is attributed to mobile apps (more than desktops) and the average mobile consumer spends 86% of their time using mobile apps.

“This is a huge market for companies looking to develop low latency video applications such as IPTV, RTSP, or Multi-channel playback,” continues Parratti.  “And not only is our SDK feature rich, we also have a global support team which adds that little extra value our competitors are unable to compete with.”

Video Experts Group started in 2003 with its primary focus on video surveillance, set-top boxes, supplying video streaming solutions for IP cameras, and DVR’s.  Today, VXG is a global leader in mobile media, primarily video.  Their VXG Mobile Video SDK is based on market proven solutions and has been deployed into various products and with millions of users actively using them.

“The SDK encapsulates all video and streaming related protocols and formats,” states Mark Simmons of VXG.  “We provide developers with an easy to use kit to quickly develop mobile video apps. In addition, our polished and market proven engine ensures that underline video and streaming functionality are near flawless.”

An evaluation edition of VXG Mobile Media SDK is available on VXG’s website (  as a free download. 

VXG Quick notes:

VXG’s SDK supports all popular streaming protocols: RTMP, HLS, RTSP, MMS, UDP (multicast) and more.
 VXG’s SDK supports all possible file containers and media formats: AVI, 3GP, M4V, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, MPG, MOV, RM, VOB, ASF, MKV, F4V, TRP, TS, TP and others.
 VXG’s SDK exploits all possible h/w capabilities, and is optimized for all popular h/w platforms. VXG takes advantage of early access to many h/w platforms and support those platforms before they hit the market (the same is done for newer OS updates, developing support before the OS update is released to public). 

VXG Mobile Video SDK also has number of features that make it different:

Recording Features, you can record network stream right on your mobile device, as well as record a scene while playing back a file.
 Wireless media transfer from host device or server to user device.  Users simply upload content using any web browser.

An evaluation edition of VXG Mobile Media SDK is available on VXG’s website (  as a free download.  The registration is quick and self-explanatory.  For additional information, or for sales and development questions, please email

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