Very Heavy Snow For AM Commute

10PM Update
As models are entrance in they are display a really complicated generation of sleet between 7AM and 11AM Monday. Snowfall rates could proceed 3 inches per hour during this time. This will make transport probably impossible. Snow will abate adult and brew with or change to sleet or even sleet late morning and early afternoon before changing behind to sleet and finale in a evening.


Evening Update
All a models move some sleet or frozen sleet north during a charge tomorrow. Even if there is a 2-4 hour generation of churned flood it will change behind to sleet before ending. There will be furious swings in temperatures from Route 495 easterly with a cold start, a detonate of 20s to reduce 30s and afterwards a lapse to cold. The pull of a amiable atmosphere internal is still a biggest foresee challenge.

Noon Update
I’ll be examination to trend of a mix/freezing sleet line on a models this afternoon. When we demeanour during a layer map next don’t concentration on a top operation only. If blending occurs some-more reduce ranges some-more likely. Even with a mixing, larger Boston stays in a 8-12 in. range.

Early Morning Entry
Although it was cold a initial partial of Jan it seemed like we were all handling winter flattering good and afterwards a settlement shifted. Boston saw 34.3 inches of sleet this Jan and this creates final month a 6th snowiest Jan on record. 2005 was a snowiest with 43.3 inches of snow.

Onward we impetus into Feb with longer days and climatologically, a delayed arise in normal temperatures. However, we can forget about temperatures rising for a while.

Its 6:30 AM as we write this and we can see light on a horizon. The birds will shortly be during a tributary and a sky is transparent clear. we will go snowshoeing after currently with a dogs and nonetheless temperatures will usually strech a 20s, it cannot feel so cold with a miss of breeze and augmenting strength of a sun. Feb can be a month we get through, or travel with, select a after if we can and a not so bad.

We have another sleet eventuality on a way. This will move a good knock of sleet to a area generally north of a Hartford to Providence to Plymouth line. South of there, a sleet will be heavier and churned with sleet and frozen rain. On Cape Cod and a Islands a flood competence change to sleet for a time as well.


Super Bowl Impact

Its Super Bowl Sunday and a lot of us will be examination a diversion or going to a celebration with a diversion on in a background. If we need to get adult Monday to plow a roads, appreciate we and we competence wish to go easy tonight. The initial in. of sleet is down between 5 and 7AM, west to east.

I’ll refurbish a timing and some-more on Twitter @growingwisdom, greatfully follow me there for a latest.

First Storm Of The Month
You competence hear a tenure front finish thumping with this storm. This is since a bulk of a sleet will during a initial half of a charge nonetheless a sleet and churned flood will dawdle for 4-6 hours after many of a sleet has already fallen.
This isnt a prolonged generation storm. It will final about 12-15 hours. Lets go over a timeline. This gives a ubiquitous thought of what we can expect. The time and amounts will change north to south, easterly to west.

5AM Monday
Snow is overspreading southern New England. There is light accumulation west of Route 495, though not adequate to plow yet. The power of a sleet is picking adult and roads are apropos slick. You are expected listening to or reading about all a cancellations for a day.


10AM Monday
Its been snowing for 4 to 5 hours in many places including Boston. On normal there is 6 inches of sleet on a belligerent with a bit some-more in some areas. The weight of a sleet is really light over interior areas, though heavier and wetter along a coast. There is some blending south of Boston and on Nantucket a sleet has altered to sleet after a integrate of inches. Winds are augmenting during coastal locations, though not adequate to means issues. The high waves didnt move any issues along a coast.


1PM Monday
Most of a sleet has fallen. Boston has perceived about 7-9 inches of sleet in a brief generation of time. There are a few spots shutting in on a feet of new feathery snow. Its still snowing, though sleet is blending in generally easterly of Route 495 and a power has lessened. Temperatures are in a 20s to reduce 30s along a coast, though still in a reduce teenagers in Worcester County.


Gusts of breeze over 30 miles per hour start on a coastline, though winds are many lighter inland. (above)


1PM to 5PM Monday
This is when a amiable atmosphere competence have pushed all a approach behind past Route 128. This is a many uncertain partial of a foresee and when we could see frozen sleet or sleet depending on location. The cold atmosphere will fast upsurge behind to a seashore during a finish of this generation formulating a peep solidify in areas that did have any liquid.

7PM Monday
The flood altered to all sleet and is circuitous down while a behind corner pushes adult from southwest Connecticut. There was another 1-3 inches of sleet during a afternoon, though roads are starting to improve. Secondary roads have sleet on them, though are OK to drive. The categorical highways are in improved condition, though slow. The dusk invert was roughly self-existent due to a series of we that stayed home. There could be another in. of sleet before it ends.


Logan Airport had hundreds of cancellations and is open a few flights resume after a generation of no flights during a tallness of a storm.

Temperatures have depressed behind into a singular numbers and teens. The jelly over a south seashore and on Cape Cod is about to peep freeze.

11PM Monday
The drive is clear, a bob is shoveled, a 9 degrees outside, though during slightest a residence is staid for a night. The sleet banks grew even aloft and we all wonder, where can we put any some-more of it? The splendid moon isnt strictly full though we notice, as it peaks by a clouds, how brightly it shines on a creatively depressed snow.

Congratulations, we done it by another New England snowstorm.

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