uStudio Debuts Interactive Video for Twitter Cards

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Business video platform leader uStudio
today announced interactive video for Twitter Player Cards, a new way
for marketers to connect with followers using live or on-demand video.

With uStudio, businesses can create and share highly tailored
experiences around video content, whether promoting or selling a new
product or polling followers for opinions. Users embed videos directly
into their Twitter streams for instant playback, and followers never
have to leave their Twitter feeds to participate in the experience.

Sharing video content with social audiences consistently increases reach
and consumption – from real-time engagement to viral sharing. According
to Twitter, tweets that incorporate visual elements drive higher user
engagement, with videos boosting retweets by more than 25 percent.

uStudio Player Cards provide yet another level of engagement to extend
basic Twitter Card functionality and make videos stand out. Interactive
and custom themes offer the ability to download associated files such as
presentations and reports; participate in polls and surveys; make
purchases; and share content across additional social channels.

Unlike other video players that lock users into a set of specific
templates, uStudio allows businesses to create one-of-a-kind,
HTML5-first experiences without having to learn video player development
– the uStudio Player Framework does all of the heavy lifting.

“It’s been proven time and time again that adding multimedia elements to
social posts dramatically improves engagement,” said Jen Grogono, CEO of
uStudio. “Interactive video is especially effective in this regard –
providing a more rewarding experience for consumers and more measurable
results for businesses. We’re excited to offer our interactive Player
Cards for Twitter to help increase clicks, retweets and favorites, while
driving increased traffic to websites and ultimately revenue to the

About uStudio

uStudio Inc. is a recognized innovator in video management software.
Since its inception, uStudio has partnered with modern business and IT
leaders to help them transform the way video is used across teams for
improved collaboration, higher marketing conversions, increased revenue
and customer satisfaction, and more effective training. uStudio’s
patented platform brings a unique video-as-a-service infrastructure to
organizations, ensuring the ultimate in flexibility and scalability.
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