Using Video To Increase Website Traffic

Along with the modern day technology reaching its peak, marketing experts have become aware of advantages of using versatile means to obtain more traffic from the target audience. Currently, there is a hype over video content that has in short time span become the largest magnet to attract the target visitors. The future of content marketing seems bright for videos, too –a questionnaire has shown that 64% of companies will continue to use videos as their most prominent marketing strategy.

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If you have a goal of creating a successful online strategy you need to base it on strong content marketing that will attract large amounts of traffic. A study has shown that video content attracts 600% more viewers than the combination of direct mail and print.

What’s more, as much as 60% of those will watch the video if it it is shown on a website. Got hooked? Just wait to hear other thought-provoking facts – out of 80% percent of the target audience who watched a video 46% have done some kind of action related to it after seeing the video content.


Different content marketing campaigns require different strategies to approach target audience reaching. What needs to be an idea behind the video is the aim you want to reach, gripping story with an easy-remembering slogan and you need to pay attention to video duration which is crucial. No one is likely to stumble upon a video and watch a long one, so aim for short but effective content that you want to present. The content has to be witty and humorous to draw more traffic.

Of course, you need to refer to viewers’ needs, the content has to be relatable. If you carefully fulfil all these requirements, you may soon see your video going viral and eventually turning into a brand of its own.

Learn from the experts

It is not so easy to fill a short-lasting video with attention gripping story that will attract viewers, but viral videos done by Virgin America and Volvo have a recipe for success. Their witty videos have become brands. Virgin song with a tune you are hardly likely not to whisper after hearing is something you should strive for.

Using actors to include a wide range of audience not just interested in the advertising company, but the actor as well is a recipe Volvo created and marvellously implemented. However, you may not need Jean Claude Van Damme to make a successful campaign which would be both viral and hilarious.

Allstate Insurance is well-known for their series of videos which have a recognizable character who has not been famous before the campaign, but has become a brand. Those videos referred to pop culture and parodied a successful film many fans have seen, so they created a character who is based on that and who the target audience can easily relate to.

There is no limit

Well pre-thought videos are likely to attract more traffic than you dream of. They attract visitors from other websites, too and increase your recognisability. By using Google Analytics you may realize potential traffic goals. The very fact that web pages with video content are more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results means that you should wait no longer to embark on creating a video that will be your visual identity and magnet for more traffic.

Size does not matter

Whether you own a small company, or an extremely well-known one, you will benefit from including video content. If a common person posting about their children biting each other’s finger could make one of the most viral YouTube videos, so can you. There are companies who magnificently depicted everyday tasks each person can relate to. If seen in print, you would hardly likely take any action regarding printing company. But, masterminds behind a gripping video, have realized the potential video content has and used it to raise awareness about their printing services.

With pop culture reference, using a parody and fast going story that just slows down when the product name appears they have immersed the viewer into the story and finished the video with a remarkable witty slogan. Use your imagination and have your viewers taken aback, and soon your content will go viral.

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