Use Online Video Testimonials To Bolster Enquiries To Your Small Business

It’s great to receive good feedback from customers and often that comes in the form of written online reviews that businesses can then display proudly on their websites. But the most powerful way to convince potential customers to ask about your small businesses’ goods and services may be through video testimonials.

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Lucinda Lions from small business blog Flying Solo noted that companies she had worked with found a lot of success through using video feedback from real customers. She explained the reasons why a video endorsement trumps a written one:

“It’s relatively easy to write a fake testimonial, even though it’s frightfully illegal and usually glaringly obvious. It’s not as easy to fake a video testimonial. They’re real. They’re raw. They’re persuasive. They provide what’s known as social proof, which is basically a fancy term for the act of building trust by showing potential customers how much existing customers love your products and/or services. This proof provides reassurance and excitement, which encourages people to buy.”

Head over to Flying Solo for tips on how to create a video testimonial for your small business website.

[Via Flying Solo]

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