Two girl arrested during École Charleswood School after melancholy online video

Two girl were taken into control Wednesday during École Charleswood School after a melancholy video was posted online, an central with Pembina Trails School Division said.

Police were called to a upper-elementary and girl high propagandize after a quarrel hazard was posted on amicable media and a video circulated.

Pembina Trails School Division Superintendent Ted Fransen pronounced a 10-second video showed dual girl creation threats and display what seemed to be possibly a particle or BB gun. The video was done progressing this month, Fransen said.

“It is what appears to be tyro bravado. It was, ‘Hey demeanour during us. We’ve got a gun. You dissed us’,” pronounced Fransen.

One of a youths shown in a video is a tyro during École Charleswood School, and a other is from a neigbouring school, Fransen said.

After examination a video, a propagandize contacted their propagandize apparatus officer, who arrived and dynamic that there was no evident threat, a propagandize pronounced in a news release. There was never any arms on site, they said.

Both youths were taken into control as they were entrance into a school. Fransen did not know because a girl who was not a tyro during a propagandize was entrance in.

Police pronounced no charges have nonetheless been laid.

The propagandize did not go into lockdown, though students were suggested to transparent a hallways and sojourn in their classrooms during a lunch hour while a youths were taken into custody.

“I’m told by a principal that there were some students that believed there was a arms during a school, though there never was,” Fransen said.

The propagandize pronounced announcements were done to surprise a students that they were safe. The propagandize solicitor visited classrooms Wednesday afternoon to surprise a students about what happened.

“We have an glorious tyro reserve custom that is reinforced by a impasse of a propagandize apparatus officer,” Fransen said.

Fransen could not endorse a ages of a students, usually indicating out that École Charleswood School runs from Grades 5 to 9, and a beside propagandize runs from Grades 7 to 9.

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