Twitter Rolls Out New Social Media Marketing Features

Twitter has been slowly rolling out a couple of new features that have sparked the interest of social media marketing professionals. A new group messaging feature and a video camera feature has been added to improve the user’s experience on the social media platform.

While Twitter reported the implementation of the new features a few weeks ago, all users do not currently have access to them yet.

The first feature is an option that allows Twitter users to participate in group direct messages. The group direct messages feature allows a user to have a private group conversation with up to 20 other Twitter users at a time. Photos, links, emojis and shared tweets from other users can be added to the message at whim, making it a great tool for social media marketing.

This new feature gives social media marketing professionals an even greater reach on Twitter than they may have had before. A marketer can add their followers to the group message and those followers can add their followers and so forth. However, a user that has been blocked by any of the other participants cannot be added to the group discussion.

Added followers will be able to choose whether or not they would like to participate in the group discussion after receiving a notification that they have been added. Even if they choose not to participate, they will still be able to see the messages from the other participants in the group.

The second feature provides a way for Twitter users to capture, edit and share video from within the Twitter platform. This is much better than the previous method of having to create the video using your smartphone’s camera and then uploading it to Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, or some other video hosting service before sharing it on Twitter.

Users can use Twitter’s new video camera to capture and upload 30-second videos that will display as a thumbnail in your followers’ feeds. To access the video, all the follower needs to do it click on the thumbnail of it. The release of Twitter’s video camera feature is expected to significantly increase the number of spur-of-the-moment, candid clips being shared on the platform.

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