Twitch officially moving from Flash player to HTML5 – TechnoBuffalo

E3 2014 Twitch logo

Twitch is absolutely the largest site and community for video game broadcasting and live game ingestion. Its userbase is large, and it sees a ton of traffic on a daily basis.

As such, the company has to make sure it’s making use of the best streaming tech out there. Twitch is officially moving from a Flash-based player to one coded in HTML5.

The first step started on Thursday. Twitch’s “redesign moves half of the video player – specifically the controls – from Flash to HTML5 and Javascript.”

It’s not an entire switch, mind you. “The video itself is still in Flash underneath the controls. However, this is an important step to releasing the much-anticipated full HTML5 player.”

The new player will roll out to channel pages first. This will be a gradual release, so don’t expect to see the changes instantly everywhere around the site.

Even if I have to wait, it’ll be great to move away from Flash and towards HTML5 for all my game streaming and consumption.

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