Tubular Labs Now Tracks Over 1B Videos on Over 30 Platforms

Tubular Labs might specialize in YouTube marketing, but as it announced this week, its reach goes far beyond that site.

Tubular now tracks over 1 billion videos—and their creators—on over 30 platforms. That means the company can tells its clients what audiences are watching on Facebook Video, Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitch, AOL, and more. It even looks at video destinations like MTV.com and CNN.com.

Audience_LGThis cross-platform emphasis lets Tubular give more in-depth advice to clients about what it takes to build a brand with online video marketing, the company says. It isn’t rolling out its cross-platform focus to all clients just yet, however. Digitas, Pepsi, Comedy Central, HGTV, and Activision are a few of the clients that have been given early access to the cross-platform research.

Of the 2.3 million video creators that Tubular now tracks, it says 21,000 get 1 million views or more each month. Tubular’s research lets clients know who these creators are and what audiences they reach.

By applying big data techniques to over 1 billion videos, Tubular hopes to answer client questions about what content resonates with their target audiences. It can point out where and how marketing campaigns should be distributed for the best results.

“There’s a measurement gap and we’re going to fill it—to provide much-needed insights to brands, agencies, and media companies,” says Tubular Labs co-founder and vice president of marketing Allison Stern.

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