Trump may be building his own online video service

This won’t just be a retread of Trump’s days on The Apprentice, either. The WSJ says that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner reached out to investment banker Aryeh Bourkoff in recent months to discuss building an entirely new business after the election. The idea involved an online subscription video channel that could be an eventual launchpad for a cable TV channel. It’s similar to what conservative pundit Glenn Beck did a few years back when he launched TheBlaze, first as an online channel that then moved to cable.

Additionally, Trump’s team was also said to have reached out to an unnamed streaming service (like Netflix or Hulu) in the past month about having Trump be part of its offerings.

But it sounds like we’ll be spared a Trump-run outlet, though, at least for now. Bourkoff apparently decided against investing in the project (though the Donald surely has enough cash to make it happen himself), and a Trump spokesperson says that he’s currently only focused on winning the election. Trump himself said that talk he was planning to launch his own media network was « ridiculous » last month.

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