Trends Video Marketers Need to Watch for in 2015, from eMarketer

If you’re going to get some predictions for the new year, go to a company that makes predictions for a living.

MarketingKeyResearch company eMarketer has just released a free, downloadable e-book listing the things marketers absolutely need to know for the coming year. The e-book also lists possible trends for 2015 and trends that definitely won’t happen. Here’s what eMarketer sees in the future of video marketing:

One Trend to Watch: Programmatic Advertising

In 2015, programmatic will cross the halfway point and make up over 50 percent of all digital display advertising. But programmatic isn’t confined to display. At the moment, programmatic makes up less than 1 percent of all TV ad spending, but that will jump in the next year or two.

One Trend That Might Matter: Cord-Cutting

In 2014, cord-cutting was more hype than reality, eMarketer says. Cord-shaving is a more serious trend. But things could change quickly in 2015, especially if other broadcasters follow HBO into the over-the-top streaming area. Mobile video is growing strong. This is the time to jump into digital video advertising.

One Trend That Won’t Matter: Social TV

Yes, consumers watch TV with a gadget in their hands, but they’re not discussing what they’re watching on social media. Social TV marketing won’t be a big area in 2015.

For many more marketing trends to watch for in 2015, download the e-book “Key Digital Trends for 2015″ for free (registration required).

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