Top tips to improve mobile video performance

Sean O’Neal, President, Adaptly: Mobile marketing programs need to be particularly sensitive to the user experience and how unique the mobile format is. Marketing creative cannot simply be « resized » from desktop formats as a way to repurpose existing assets. The use-cases for mobile and desktop are entirely different, and as such the consumer mindset, behavior, and activities are entirely different. Some of the most effective mobile marketing campaigns use « native » advertising formats, which aim to adopt the specific behavior, form, look and feel of the surrounding experience.

Kristina: Programmatic isn’t new, but mostly advertisers have used it for online display/rich media. How can programmatic options enhance mobile video buys?

Sean: Programmatic advertising is coming to mobile video, very quickly. Already, autonomous marketing platforms like Facebook, Kik, Twitter, etc who don’t conform to the rest of the industry’s standards have taken advantage of their « freedom of autonomy » to deliver remarkable programmatic experiences across all formats – mobile, video, native, display. With the exceptional targeting that they enable, we now have the opportunity to combine the power of addressability with the impact of site-sound-and-motion in the palm of your hand.

Kristina: Some experts believe the line between programmatic and direct media buys will blur this year. Agree or Disagree and why?

Sean: We don’t see the world simply as « programmatic vs direct buys ». We see the future being split between « commodity media » vs « autonomous marketing platforms ». The era where brands could only advertise on websites that conform to universal standards and formats is coming to an end. Platforms like Facebook are building their own unique experiences where brands and consumers have the opportunity to invent, create, and connect. The challenge with these platforms, of course, is that the lack of standardization creates a lot of complexity for advertisers. So the future likely belongs to those who create technology to simplify that complexity.

Kristina: How important is targeting ability in mobile video?

Sean: As important as it is in any medium; very, very important. The challenge in the cookie-based world of commodity media is that tracking and targeting is probabilistic, meaning the media company guesses who a consumer is based on inference. With autonomous marketing platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the tracking and targeting is deterministic, meaning they target based on the users’ actual identity and they track based on the log-in of those users.

Kristina: Where will we see mobile video go in 2015?

Sean: It is going to scale extremely rapidly. In 2013 mobile video was less than 1% of the media running through Adaptly’s technology; today it is more than 1/3rd and growing quickly.

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