The Keys to Success for Online Video Marketing

Marketing experts are always staying on top of industry trends, for example the expected increase in spending on digital video advertising that was estimated by eMarketer to hit $5.79 billion this year, up 39.5 percent from last year.

The rapid growth of this medium as a marketing tool isn’t surprising considering the impact brands can make when sharing their message through visual elements. To help guide you as you explore new ways of taking advantage of video marketing, follow the below tips.

Stay true to your brand

The genie’s advice to Aladdin was “be yourself” and it will all work out. This same message can be applied to companies that are developing a marketing plan — especially a video marketing plan. As audiences today are constantly exposed to the many tactics used by brands to grab their attention, they easily pick up on insincere branding and are becoming less susceptible to the standard jargon.

KeySuccessThe best way to deliver a genuine message from your company is to choose an in-house spokesperson. Not only is this cost-effective, but your regular customers will recognize him or her and make an immediate connection.

Another advantage of using an in-house spokesperson, whether they’re the CEO or just a manager, is that they hold an emotional connection to the brand and will be better suited to tell your story. Your audience will appreciate hearing how the company was founded or what motivates the workers from a first-hand source. These details may seem minor, but they are what will help set your company apart from your competitors who are also using video to promote themselves.

Your competitors might be making some awesome videos that have even gone viral, but avoid the urge to copy their techniques. Instead, pay attention to who they’re targeting and what their overall message is so you can be better prepared to discuss your own value propositions. Remember the “ship my pants” video from Kmart? The play on words was a huge hit and helped the commercial reach over eight million views on YouTube. A few months later, Staples released its “what the L” slogan, immediately signaling its blatant attempt to capitalize on Kmart’s idea and success. Nobody likes a copycat.

Evoke emotion with your story

We’ve seen a shift in advertising. No longer are brands touting “buy more!” or “we’re the best!” Instead, they are finding ways to make an emotional connection with their customers. Use this same method for your advertisements. If you’re an auto shop, create a storyline that demonstrates how servicing your car at ABC Auto Shop will help parents feel more comfortable handing the keys to their teenager. Or if you’re a local restaurant show that you understand that every occasion is special and that you’re dedicated to helping make that happen.

One brand that has always done an incredible job at striking an emotional cord with its customers is Subaru. Its most recent campaign includes father-daughter relationships that are tearjerkers, and heart-warming scenes of grandmothers and grandchildren, all featuring how Subaru helps keep these relationships extraordinary.

Choose the right delivery method

In today’s environment there are multiple methods of distributing your video to your targeted audience. By being strategic with your delivery method, your video will have a better chance of being seen and having an impact. But you need to understand your customer.

If you’re trying to reach an older generation, for example, we’re seeing that Facebook is growing in popularity. Daytime TV would also be a safe choice for this less tech-savvy audience. Teenagers tend to frequent social networks like YouTube or Twitter, and can be easily reached through mobile platforms. For many brands, incorporating videos into the company website can do wonders for delivering a message. With so many options, its important to identify who you are targeting with your video and then define your distribution channel.

Measure your results

After you’ve sent your video out into the world, you’ll want to measure its impact. How you’re going to determine its success should be decided ahead of time so you can implement the necessary tracking methods. For example, if your overall goal is to bring more visitors to your website, you can monitor the specific traffic linked to the video. Or if you’re more interested in tracking sales, you can include a discount code unique to the video.

By understanding the success of the video or lack thereof, you and your marketing team can identify any changes to your tactics for the next time around.

By incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy with these tips, your company will expand its reach to new audiences and make an impression on customers. When they’re deciding if they should get service from you or a competitor, the message from your video will help form that decision.


Dan Dinsmore is the founder and CEO of Overit, a marketing and digital media creative agency based in Albany, New York. Lawrence Basso is the motion design director at Overit. accepts vendor-written articles based upon their usefulness to our readers.

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