The Flash Video Recap Show: ‘Flash Back’


Welcome back to Collider’s Recap Show for The Flash! Join John Campea, David Griffin, John Rocha and Kaori Takee as they review season 2, episode 17, entitled ‘Flash Back.’


Image via the CW

Time travel is always risky business in The Flash universe, but when you’re trying to defeat a crazed maniac named Zoom, you’ll resort to desperate measures. What Barry doesn’t realize is that time travel has its own set of demons equally as terrifying as anything Team Flash has encountered.

The recap team agrees that the Time Wraiths design was one of the highlights this week and we all loved the references to Harry Potter and The Frighteners. Seeing Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne again was another memorable moment filled with tension and brilliant performances by both Grant Guston and Tom Cavanagh. Barry from the future is a much different person after all the betrayal and loss he’s had to endure. Gustin nailed these subtleties like a pro.

Looking ahead, our panelists wonder what other implications will arise as a result of Barry messing with the time line. Even with the warnings from Cisco, Wells and Caitlyn, Barry still interfered where he shouldn’t have. Some of these events resulted in a few touching moments, like Iris receiving a happy birthday message from her dead fiancé.

What were some of your favorite scenes from this week’s episode? Find out what else the recap team thought in the video above and check out Kayti’s full written recap of everything that happened with the entire Flash team in ‘Flash Back’ right here.


Image via the CW

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