The Beginner’s Guide to Recycling and Repurposing Video Content

Sharing your company’s story and addressing your customers’ hurdles with video is an effective proceed to expostulate larger formula from your integrated selling efforts. However, formulating quality, enchanting video calm can be time-consuming and expensive. Once we penetrate a initial investment into producing a video, it’s essential we make a many of that energetic square of content.

In this essay I’ll uncover we how to repurpose a singular square of peculiarity video calm so it can be employed opposite your other selling channels and campaigns. Employing this devise will concede your video to act as an anchor for your calm devise and fuel your integrated selling efforts in a process.

Use Your YouTube Videos As a Content Hub

The simple suspicion here is to use your many dear and in-depth calm as a springboard for formulating smaller pieces of content.

We’ll start with a high-quality, comparatively prolonged (between 3 and 7 mins in duration) YouTube video. Once you’ve cumulative this content, there are many ways we can go about repurposing it. The representation repurposing devise I’ll be going over is highlighted in this severe blueprint below.

Repurposing Video Content

This blueprint shows that any component maintains a possess temperament while eventually stemming from a executive square of video content. Since any square of successive calm will be tied to this initial video, we contingency make certain it’s high quality.

If a source component is not great, afterwards a countless iterations of derivative calm will usually be worse off. With that warning out of a way, let’s dive into this calm strategy!

Add Facebook Video Trailers for Additional Visibility

In a recent essay we posted on my blog, we pacifist into a differences between Facebook and YouTube and how to best precedence any platform. One pivotal indicate we done is that a dual can indeed be used in and utterly easily once we know their differences.

One standout instance is YouTube prodigy Michelle Phan, who has used Facebook Video as a height to share mini “trailers” for her long-form YouTube content. Her group understands that Facebook video’s genuine energy is a ability to precedence amicable lift and proceed a audience’s courtesy to categorical content.

Phan Trailer

Since these trailers mostly include of repurposed video footage that has been edited down to a few seconds, they don’t need many of an investment. However, by bargain a middle and scrupulously leveraging her existent content, Phan is means to widespread a strech and altogether application of her calm in a large way.

Use Instagram Video for Increased Engagement

General Electric, a aged industrial stalwart, is shockingly skilful when it comes to calm marketing. They’ve proven time and time again that they can be each bit as flexible and innovative as younger companies when it comes to online content.

One good instance of GE’s calm selling savvy is how they use Instagram Video to cross-promote their executive content. In particular, a company’s #GameofInches debate has proven successful. This debate centers around a minisite that facilities short, 15-second videos highlighting a “rules of industry.”

GE Videos

GE has damaged out and repurposed this executive calm on all of their opposite amicable platforms. GE uses their Instagram comment to underline a categorical video content, as good as supplemental footage that leads courtesy to a executive concentration of a campaign.

Instagram is good for featuring supplemental calm since it not usually engages your following on a account, though it also drives seductiveness and courtesy towards your integrated selling efforts.

Create Blog Posts Centered around Video Content

Digital selling program provider Moz has been during a forefront of online selling suspicion for many years. One proceed they widespread their online change is by formulating an ominous display video each week that they call Whiteboard Fridays.

This long-form YouTube calm is sincerely in-depth, and oftentimes a concepts they plead need revisiting. Understanding this component of their content, Moz also posts a video to their blog and accompanies it with a full transcript.

Moz Blog

Moz doesn’t even need to alloy a strange video calm to renovate it into another form of media that can hoard them some-more bearing and yield their business additional value. While this devise competence not work for all videos, a executive doctrine applies: If you’ve left by a difficulty of crafting a peculiarity video with a good script, it would be correct to repurpose it as a blog post as well.

Develop Social Posts for Additional Exposure

Now that you’ve repurposed your video content, it’s time to serve greaten your bearing by constrained all this calm with your village around amicable media.

Not usually can we use networks like Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest to lift courtesy to your content, though we can also get visuals and other resources to incorporate into these postings from a videos themselves.

Images boost a post’s rendezvous on all amicable networks, and your video is a good apparatus to lift these images from. You can also incorporate extensive descriptions or engaging quotes from a video to strength out your posts.

For example, educational YouTube channel CrashCourse uses video calm as a starting indicate for formulating constrained Google+ descriptions. They also use reward calm subsequent from a videos to serve rivet their Twitter following.

Crash Course Example

These devise mix to strengthen a altogether devise of repurposing—and thereby maximizing—the intensity strech and efficacy of your video calm opposite mixed channels. Not usually does this assistance make a many of your investment, though it has a combined advantage of boosting a strange calm itself.

Sure, video competence be an investment, though by effectively repurposing and recycling this content, you’ll make a many of your integrated selling efforts on interest of your business.

How does your classification devise to proceed formulating and distributing video content? Share your ideas in a comments!

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