Tailgating Sports Marketing, LLC To Debut Interactive Restroom Trailers at …

Exterior ultra-widescreen side of interactive restroom trailer from TGSM

… we cannot wait to see how fans interact with all the video games and interactive media elements. We are committed to changing the way fans tailgate.

Tailgating Sports Marketing, LLC will debut their cutting-edge digital interactive restroom trailers at a premiere East Coast NFL stadium on July 28, 2015. The portable restrooms will be on-site to enhance the fan tailgating experience with their unique 17 interactive screens and high end restroom facilities. Fans will enjoy an international soccer game between two of the best known teams in the sport, and will be the first users to step inside the ultimate Tailgating Sports Marketing trailer, sure to revolutionize and increase tailgating for international soccer fans.

“We are eager to see the fans’ reaction to the Tailgating Sports marketing trailer,” says Teri Pahon, TGSM President COO. “We’ve been working hard over the last several months to put the finishing touches on the inaugural unit and we cannot wait to see how fans interact with all the video games and interactive media elements. We are committed to changing the way fans tailgate and how venues look at providing portable restrooms. We’ve strategically selected this major NFL stadium it will debut in due to past fan feedback at the venue. We feel it will make the greatest impact on enhancing the fan experience there, while delivering an exclusive opportunity at the venue.”

The Tailgating Sports Marketing digital interactive restroom trailer will participate in eleven sold out events at the stadium in the 2015 season. Each event will host up to 75,000 fans. The TGSM trailer will offer fans a high-end restroom alternative to the unsanitary porta-potties traditionally found in tailgating areas of sports venues, concerts, festivals, and other events. The luxury interior includes premium design materials, flushing toilets, hot and cold water hand wash, and baby changing stations, among other amenities.

Beyond enjoying a luxury restroom facility, fans will be able to utilize leading edge technology to stay in touch with the game during a restroom break – and become part of the fan experience through other interactive media. Inside the unit, the TGSM trailer features unique interactive marketing tools such as men’s Aim Shoot games, extensive media screens, and mobile device games. There are also social WiFi networks, and lead generating interactive experiences like a Fan-Foto Selfie Kiosk and mobile device Trivia game. All of the media elements are included to engage fans while they wait in or outside of the trailer. The exterior even features an ultra-widescreen, live satellite media display so fans don’t miss a single moment of action!

Tailgating Sports Marketing is currently offering their interactive restroom trailers to a select number of additional venues in the 2015 season. Furthermore, they have a limited number of advertising opportunities left for companies wishing to sponsor a TGSM trailer and capitalize on the high ROI offered by this immersive restroom advertising experience. For more information on the interactive restroom trailers from Tailgating Sports Marketing, please contact TGSM at 888-995-2285.

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About Tailgating Sports Marketing:

Tailgating Sports Marketing was established to provide stadiums, festivals, tailgating associations, concerts, and other events a fresh alternative to temporary restroom facilities. TGSM offers a state-of-the-art, fully interactive restroom trailer designed as an interactive engagement activation experience. Restrooms feature HD digital displays, interactive media display triggers, and mobile device gaming. Aimed at providing guests an unforgettable, comfortable and unique restroom experience, the units are also lucrative revenue opportunities for venue owners, sponsors and advertisers.

For more information, visit http://www.TailgatingSportsMarketing.com.

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