Syria Claims Israel Made Two Airstrikes Near Damascus

The minarets of mosques and the steeples of churches are seen towering above rooftops in the Syrian capital Damascus on June 26, 2013
Louai Beshara—AFP/Getty Images

Munitions warehouse could have been the target according to U.K.-based observer group

Syria accused Israel of carrying out two air strikes near its capital Damascus on Sunday.

The Syrian army made a statement on state television claiming that Israeli aircraft dropped bombs close to Damascus airport as well as on the nearby suburb of al-Dimas, the Associated Press reports.

The Israeli military has not admitted to the strikes and said on Sunday it would not rely on “foreign reports.”

At least 10 explosions were heard in the area, according to the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, a London-based think tank. The organization also said an airport warehouse apparently targeted by bombs contained weapons, but it is not clear whether the weapons belong to the Syrian army or to militant group Hezbollah.

Israel has launched several airstrikes in Syria since the civil war began there in 2011, specifically targeted at weapons it believes are being supplied to Hezbollah.

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