Super Bowl 2015: Video Marketing Lessons from Fake Video Ads

Roughly 110 million people watched Super Bowl 2015 on TV last night (around 46% of U.S. households). And Super Bowl ads on YouTube were watched more than 160 million times before game day, according to YouTube data. So, what insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious can video marketers share with their colleagues when they gather around the water cooler today?

And how do you maintain your status as a YouTube guru and video marketing expert when even the Baby Boomers who still watch NBC and read USA Today know almost as much about the commercials that aired during the “Big Game” as you do? Well, the odds are that they are digital immigrants, while you are a digital native. That’s why you read ReelSEO – to stay 20 minutes ahead of this pack of posers, pretenders, and putative pundits.

Fake Super Bowl Ads – Video Marketing Tips from YouTube

When the baby boomers have finished pontificating and prevaricating about their predictable post-game point-of-view, simply ask them, “Did you watch the fake Super Bowl ads that were mixed in with the real ones on the AdBlitz Channel?” They may blink, fidget, and nervously ask, “Why?”

And you can quietly and calmly inform them that some YouTube partners were challenged to create fake Super Bowl ads using one of the tried and tested YouTube Playbook commercial rules. Each of their videos is an ‘Easter egg’ – an intentional inside joke or hidden message that reveals an important tip, best practice, or strategy that is well worth discovering.

Of course, it will help if you take 20 minutes to watch these fake Super Bowl commercials yourself before you send your colleagues rushing back to their offices and cubicles to find and watch them, too. Just don’t tell them that you read about all this silliness in ReelSEO and your status as a YouTube guru and video marketing expert will be remain unchallenged … for a least another week.

The first fake Super Bowl ad to watch is “HARLEY Cologne – AdBlitz.” It was written, directed, and produced by Jon Enge and Derek Haugen of Mars Rising Films.

The second fake Super Bowl commercial to watch is “Our Super Awesome Super Bowl Commercial (4K HD),” created by Kinda Funny.

The third fake Super Bowl ad to watch is “Harléy: A Real Man’s Cologne | Bad Weather Films.”

The fourth fake Super Bowl commercial to watch is “TRAPPED in a FOOTBALL COMMERCIAL,” which was created by Tobuscus.

The fifth fake Super Bowl ad to watch is “Harley: The Cologne of Gods (Parody),” which was created by Matthias.

Next, you’re going to want to watch “Harley’s Playbook – Rule #17 – Babies Are Adorable Selling Machines.” Spoiler alert: Harley Morenstein from EpicMealTime reveals that his playbook contains 21 rules that every successful Super Bowl ad must follow.

Then, you’ll be ready to watch “Harley’s Playbook – Rule #20 – Old Folks Doing Young Stuff.”

Finally, you’ll want to watch “Random Commercial Challenge” by Rhett Link’s Good Mythical Morning.

There have also been reports that Freddie Wong produced a fake commercial parodying the style of Super Bowl spots. Apparently, one of his creations for the halftime show is a riff on advertisements for sugary drinks popular in the 1990s like Capri Sun and Sunny Delight. The spot supposedly begins with kids hanging out and “being rad,” according to Wong, and then transitions to a far darker, effects-laden conclusion.

I looked for it on Sunday before the “Big Game,” but couldn’t find it. Maybe you can discover it today before your colleagues do. If you do, share a link to the missing Easter egg in the comments section below.


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