Student kicked out of school for using racial slurs in online video

WASHINGTON — A student won’t be returning to class at a Potomac preparatory school after he is seen in an online video using racial slurs.

It was last weekend that a video was posted to twitter, which appeared to show the Bullis school student using the derogatory language. Shortly after it was posted, the video gained attention and caused outrage on social media and even led to a protest on campus.

In a statement to NBC4 the student said that while working on a project on the civil right project, he began reciting words from a video mocking the movie “Django Unchained.” He says he was unknowingly filmed and regrets using the “derogatory words.”

The student’s name isn’t being used because he hasn’t been charged with a crime.
“My words were taken out of context and in no way did I intend for them to be perceived in the way that they were,” the student wrote.

Head of School Dr. Gerald Boarman said the situation has been hurtful but he hopes students will help bring about change on campus.

“We have student-led organizations that are developing focus groups, opportunities for the students to express themselves,” Boarman told NBC 4.

Moving forward the school plans to hold focus groups and discussions for parents and students on the topic of racism.

The student in the video will have the opportunity to appeal his dismissal.

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