State tourism video features striking monument glimpse


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State tourism video features 
striking monument glimpse

Amber Kollman speaks to a group of tourism officials Friday morning at Two Rivers Convention Center as the Colorado Tourism Office rolls out a new marketing campaign.

A dramatic video of a mom and her kids hiking Colorado National Monument around sunset elicited quiet hoots, muffled hollers, and at least one unrestrained “Cool!” from an audience of people with a stake in the Grand Valley tourism industry.

The video, and two others like it, are key components of the Colorado Tourism Office’s 2017 marketing plan, according to state officials who presented the plan Friday to about 50 local hoteliers, restaurateurs, retailers, guides and others gathered at Two Rivers Convention Center.

“The video of the Colorado National Monument with the two kids — that really grabbed me,” said Diane Schwenke, Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce president and CEO. “That was one of the things we can really use locally, teeing off on what they’ve already produced.”

There are multiple ways stakeholders in the local tourism industry can leverage state resources like the high quality video of a family hiking the monument, said Amber Kollman, director of the tourism office’s U.S. marketing effort.

Marketing videos and other trade promotions from the Colorado Tourism Office, for example, can be used by individual businesses in certain promotions at no cost, Kollman said. Expanded grant programs and collaborative marketing opportunities also abound, she said.

That’s one of the reasons the Grand Junction Economic Partnership attended the presentation, Executive Director Kristi Pollard said. “We’re here to learn more about the Colorado Tourism Office’s marketing plan so we can potentially leverage what they’re doing with what we’re doing,” Pollard said.

GJEP is primarily responsible for recruiting new enterprises to the Grand Valley. That’s why collaborating to leverage the state’s marketing power makes sense for GJEP, too, she said.

“A lot of what we have to offer business here in western Colorado is quality of life,” Pollard said. “We know that outdoor equipment manufacturers need to be here due to our proximity to a plethora of outdoor activities.”

GJEP is reviewing opportunities to leverage state tourism dollars to create advertising that highlights the local “quality of life, which is a big piece of what attracts business to come here,” she said.

“Getting people to recreate here allows them to fall in love with our community, just like we have,” Pollard said. “It makes my job of telling them why they should do business here much easier. All we need is to get them here. Tourism is a great way to do that. The community sells itself.”

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