SpotX infographic reveals expansion of programmatic video promotion in Europe

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SpotX, a video register government height for publishers, unveils
an infographic charting a arise of programmatic online video
promotion opposite Europe. The picture shows how a attention has grown
roughly twenty-fold from €22m in 2012 to €375m in 2015 and will grow during a
rate of 38.7 per cent between now and 2020, to turn a €2bn attention in
2020, by that time some-more than half of all online video advertising
income in Europe will be generated programmatically.

The ‘big five’ European markets are highlighted as obliged for €286m
of programmatic online video promotion income generated in 2015,
that is approaching to stand to €1,512m by 2020. The Benelux segment is
foresee to triple from €62m in 2015 to €198m in 2020, while Nordics
saw €21m programmatic online video promotion income in 2015,
likely to strech €138m in 2020.

Based on investigate conducted by tellurian researcher organisation IHS (NYSE: IHS), the
source of information and insight, a infographic shows a UK as the
largest marketplace for programmatic video promotion in a region,
generating some-more than one third of all programmatic online video revenue
in Europe in 2015 (36 per cent). The UK programmatic video
promotion marketplace was value €135m in 2015 and is approaching to be worth
some-more than €600m by 2020 with a suit of video promotion traded
programmatically approaching to roughly triple from 23 per cent in 2015 to
60 per cent by 2020.

Programmatic online video promotion is graphic as €31m in Germany with
expansion approaching to strech €254m in 2020, creation it a third largest
marketplace in Europe. The Austrian marketplace is likely to grow from €2m in
2015 to €19m in 2020 and Switzerland will grow from €3m in 2015 to €22m
in 2020, divulgence a devalue annual expansion rate (CAGR) opposite a DACH
segment of 53 per cent.

In France, a infographic sizes a marketplace during €67m – where 19
per cent of video promotion is traded programmatically – and
highlights approaching expansion to €358m in 2020 some-more than half of that (54
per cent) will be traded programmatically. The infographic charts the
expansion of programmatic video in Italy from €6m in 2013 to €38m in
2015 to a likely distance of €245m in 2020, a devalue annual expansion rate
of 45 per cent. 12 per cent of online video promotion in Italy was
traded programmatically in 2015 and it is likely to grow to 47 per
cent. The Spanish will also trade 47 per cent of online video
promotion programmatically in 2020, by that indicate a marketplace is
approaching to be value €98m, adult from €4m in 2013 and €15m in 2015.

Mike Shehan, CEO of SpotX explains, “The information shows a thespian arise of
video promotion opposite Europe, that has been reflected in a own
expansion opposite Europe with rising revenues each year. We introduced
video genuine time behest in 2010, and now have determined offices in
London, Hamburg and Amsterdam contributing to a tellurian expansion of
SpotX. The UK, France and a Netherlands are heading a adoption of
programmatic online video in Europe, followed by a sizeable and
vicious marketplace in Germany, as good as rising markets with high
intensity including a Nordics, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.”

Daniel Knapp, Senior Director of Advertising Research during IHS, adds,
“This infographic illustrates a investigate we conducted display how
programmatic online video promotion has exploded opposite Europe from
investigation in 2013 to ubiquity by 2015. Publishers and broadcasters
have embraced a programmatic mindset. They are innovating with video
calm and exploring opposite programmatic video advertising
strategies including acquisitions and partnerships as good as building
in-house capabilities to expostulate income growth.”

The infographic is formed on investigate patrician ‘Video Advertising in
Europe: The Road to Programmatic Ubiquity’
consecrated by SpotX,
from IHS. The full news from IHS can be downloaded here.

About SpotX

SpotX is a video register government height for reward publishers
and broadcasters, assisting them conduct all of their approach sources from
one place, and monetise calm opposite all screens. The SpotX platform
offers publishers rare clarity and insight, formulating a
safe, tranquil sourroundings that allows them to bond with
advertisers, and grasp a top income possible.

Premium publishers and mobile app developers trust SpotX as the
eccentric resolution that helps them improved know a buying
poise of today’s heading brands and maximize register produce across
private marketplace, programmatic approach and open marketplace deals.
SpotX’s ad serving, heading programmatic technology, and open and
extensible design assistance facilitate a formidable digital video
ecosystem for tellurian publishers.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, SpotX also has offices in New York,
San Francisco, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Belfast and
Singapore. In Jul 2014, RTL Group acquired a 65 per cent interest in
SpotX, that was founded by CEO Mike Shehan and CFO and COO, Steven
Swoboda, in 2007. For updates, greatfully follow SpotX @SpotXchange or revisit

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