Sound Off: Drones—the future of real estate marketing?



A: Have you seen any flying saucers lately? You likely spotted a drone. Drones are small unmanned aircrafts, operated by a pilot with a remote control.

Equipped with a video camera, drones allow agents and their videographer to capture hard-to-get aerial angles of the properties they represent.

Real Estate marketing is an ideal usage for drones. Showing the proximity of homes relative to popular amenities allows a buyer to explore and fall in love with the neighborhood around the home.

Drone photography can be a useful tactic to effectively market your real estate. Discover the tactics we would use to market your home.

Devin Ratoosh, Marvin Gardens Real Estate, (510) 919-5499, [email protected],

A: The real estate business is one of the top businesses for using drones, with the most popular applications being aerial videos that showcase homes. Drones are shaping up to be the next evolution in real estate marketing.

For Realtors, drone photography can show potential buyers a variety of items, including;

– The neighborhood, surrounding area and proximity to amenities.

– Property maps and surveys.

– All encompassing aerial views of the entire land and property.

– What the drive home, or walk to school looks like.

Drones can significantly cut the cost of shooting elevated imagery – as they are much less then using helicopters or planes, and they enable an agent to use their aerial footage on many more listings.

Whether agents choose to include them or not in their marketing efforts, they can add a serious wow factor to a realtors marketing plan.

Kathleen Daly, Coldwell Banker, (415) 925-3205, [email protected]; Lisa Lange, Coldwell Banker, (415) 464-3318, [email protected]om

A: Drone technology is absolutely transforming the way we sell and market real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. When setting the stage for a successful sale, having a professional online presence is a critical component. One of the best ways to do this is through dramatic and picturesque video and aerial stills taken by drones. Anytime we can paint a picture of our listings that evokes emotion, the result is a home run. In addition, today’s buyers are savvy and hungry for information. They want to see snippets of a community, proximity of a home to local commute routes and neighboring properties not to mention our rolling hills, majestic Oaks, local mountains, bodies of water, parks and open space. After all, isn’t real estate still all about lot and location.

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