SocialIndexEngine Publishes Case Study On Video Marketing for Tourism

( — January 20, 2015) Boutiliers Point, NOVS SCOATIA — SocialIndexEngine has published surprising new data in their latest case study on Marketing Tourism. Designed specifically for tourism marketers, destination authorities and hotel managers this case study provides a real-world look at the challenges facing hospitality and travel professionals in getting seen and getting direct traffic to their websites.

While video is becoming essential, hotels and many tourism operators do not understand how to get the best results, how and when to use automation, how to use social media as a distribution platform and they do not know how those challenges can be overcome.

The case study details the strategies and execution of a major promotion involving brand videos, teaser video, content marketing whiile using the media, press release and distribution automation to reach travelers. Readers will benefit by understanding the steps taken to build and execute a major multimedia campaign.

The study shows how to build a campaign with videos, Press Releases, articles and blogs and how to publish it out to appropriate networks of social media, video sites, bookmarks and articles. 8 steps are outlined and detailed in this instructive case study.

One of the strategies involves using several teaser videos. Video-Teasers are recommended by Google as a sure way to drive traffic to YouTube or a website. The study looks at how the teaser are created and how they are distributed to get the best effect.

SocialIndexEngine owner AXSES SCI says there are many tourism destinations and hotels looking for insights and answers about organic marketing systems and automation. This is especially relevant today as search engines continue to prefer authority sites and typically list online travel agents above the hotels’ own sites.


Building authority for small hotels so that the can compete with OTAs is a key criteria in the new social index systems being developed by AXSES.  In this example of marketing tourism with teaser videos of  the Horse Whispers, the study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.
Among the information included are:

– How to create high impact teaser videos
– How to use a social network
– How to publish distribute content across all media

The aim of the campaign was to drive more direct business to client sites. Readers will gain valuable insights into the latest trends in digital marketing.

The case study is available at: http://SocialIndexEngine/TeaserVideos




SIE was launched by AXSES in 2009. Its mission is to provide information, tutorials and insight into how social media can be best used in building authority and to index websites and marketing initiatives. SocialIndexEngine is a service that incorporates custom made software and 3rd party applications to build social networks and multimedia marketing campaigns. The website is full of case stuies and how to use social media tips.


AXSES offering tips and strategies to succeed in the increasingly competitive social and mobile world of marketing and communications. AXSES INC offers business consultation, application development and publishing in online media. The AXSES team has authored several white-papers and case studies on mobile design, social media and marketing. AXSES SCI, the Barbados Tourism Development office of AXSES INC, is a pioneer in Social Media and Developer of Visual Behaviour Responsive Marketing Technology. It was was one of the first companies to develop a direct bookings application for independent hotels and tourism companies on Facebook which was featured by the New York Times. AXSES has won several award and commendation for technology innovation and digital marketing.

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