Social2B Announces Partnership With Viosk

May 11, 2015 / PRZen / MANHATTAN, N.Y. — Social2B and Viosk have signed a partnership deal to integrate social media and animated video marketing. The partnership will help businesses in a variety of industries to promote their products and services to a wide range of audiences through the expanding world of visual media and video storytelling.

Through this collaboration, the two companies will integrate to help businesses and individuals optimize their products and services into socially shareable digital video content. Social2B’s expertise in the realm of social media and Viosk’s animation and automation platform will provide businesses, large and small, and partner platforms with the ability to animate and share their content in a timely and cost-effective way. « We are excited about the Social2B and Viosk collaboration. Social2B gets an immediate advantage as a Digital Storytelling and Content Marketing Boutique, allowing our clients to leverage the power of video marketing quickly and cost-effectively. For Viosk, this is an important step in building relationships with Digital Media and Content Marketing Agencies, to enable them and their clients with unique video marketing capabilities, from automation to animation functions and features,” stated Alex Romanovich, Founder of Social2B and Partner in Viosk.

Viosk recently won a few marketing and startup awards, including The CMO Club SXSW Clubhouse Silver Award, and a ‘Best of 20’ at The Next Web ( Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. More so than ever, video marketing and storytelling is becoming a leading choice for B2B and B2C marketers, with predictions of 69% of the overall Internet traffic being consumed by video, according to Cisco.

Social2B clients and partners will immediately take advantage of the new digital storytelling and explainer video capabilities, going from concept and the initial storyboard to MP4 format video in minutes. Additionally, the existing content management, programmatic advertising and e-commerce platforms can take advantage of Viosk’s automation and integration features to significantly decrease the time and cost of video editing and production. Viosk’s ‘flexibility within the framework’ approach creates a flexible and powerful video marketing environment.

About Social2B

Since 2009, Social2B has been known in the digital marketing industry as a leader in creating exciting, inspiring, and easy-to-navigate content marketing solutions. Social2B advises businesses globally on the development and optimization of social and mobile marketing strategies, as well as execution through brand and ‘digital footprint’ development, online traffic growth, monetization strategies, and overall user experience. Through social grid management, community building strategies, content marketing and curation, and influencer building, Social2B helps businesses strengthen their competitive advantage in the online space.

About Viosk

Viosk is a video digital storytelling and automation platform that makes marketing your business in the content driven world simple. Creating video content with Viosk’s animated slideshow maker is easy: just select a template, edit your content, and render your high-quality video in a matter of minutes. Through cloud-based technology and cost effective prices, Viosk can take your most basic information and turn it into shareable, engaging content that will get your business noticed. Viosk gives you the option to customize your content in the way that best reflects your brand and what you do. To learn more about Viosk, please visit

Source: Social2B

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