Social Media: Facebook’s Share of Super Bowl Ad Views Growing

Is Facebook closing in on YouTube as a video sharing platform? As the dust settles from the Super Bowl social media frenzy, it certainly seems so.

Marketing Land, quoting a Visible Measures study, reported yesterday that Facebook won 25% of total online views for Super Bowl commercials.

YouTube, meanwhile, lost a good deal of its total market share for Super Bowl ads – dropping from 94% in 2014 to 74% this year.

This isn’t the first indication we’ve had of Facebook’s growth in the online video market. For example, since June 2014, Facebook has seen 1 billion video views per day on average – and the number of Facebook video posts per person has increased 75% globally.

However, the results of Visible Measures’ study may not be as clear as they seem.

YouTube revealed on Monday that total Super Bowl ad views were up 75% on last year – an increase of 150 million. As Marketing Land points out, this is a strong indicator that the market is growing overall.

But despite YouTube’s continued dominance, it’s clear that Facebook is sparing no effort to take its share of this growing market.

If other social networks are serious about denting this market, they may have a long way to go. Facebook and YouTube’s combined share of Super Bowl ad views was a monopolistic 99.3%, according to True Reach data, quoted by Marketing Land.

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