SnugZ/USA Wins Counselor’s Video Contest

After a heated back-and-forth battle, SnugZ/USA Inc. (asi/88060) has won the inaugural Best Marketing Video contest as part of Counselor’s upcoming Promotional Campaign Awards. The Utah supplier’s “Zip-it (Next Day Ship)” ran neck-and-neck with Outstanding Branding’s (asi/288519) « We Will Rock You,” ultimately winning the vote 49% to 45.4%.

SnugZ/USA’s video featured a parody of ’80’s band Devo’s “Whip It” while extolling the company’s next-day shipping service.

“We’re popped. The whole company is excited,” said Jeff Anderton, senior content strategist at SnugZ/USA Inc. “It was really great seeing everybody vote and recruiting their friends to vote as well,” added Chris Duncan, senior graphic designer at SnugZ/USA Inc.

SnugZ/USA was one of six finalists representing a mix of product videos and company branding video campaigns. Other finalists included “ApPeel Journals!” by The Magnet Group (asi/68507), “Neon” by Hit Promotional Products  (asi/61125), “MopToppers in the Real World” by Prime Line (asi/79530) and “SP XIX: Return of the Seth” by Sonic Promos (asi/329865).

All the videos can be viewed below. SnugZ/USA and other winners from the Promotional Campaign Awards will be featured in the August issue of Counselor.

Video #1: « ApPeel Journals! »

Company: Castelli Div of The Magnet Group asi/44305


Video #2: « Neon »

Company: Hit Promotional Products asi/61125


Video #3: « We Will Rock You – Queen – Parody »

Company: Outstanding Branding asi/288519


Video #4: « MopToppers in the Real World »

Company: Prime Line asi/79530


Video #5: « Zip-it (Next Day Ship) »

Company: SnugZ/USA Inc. asi/88060


Video #6: « SP XIX: Return of the Seth – Director’s Cut »

Company: Sonic Promos asi/329865

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